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I am an old woman. My great grand parents walked from Louisiana to Colorado. I talk about the garden after the harvest festival.


I am from Rumania and I moved to Cleveland in 1919. I mistakenly thought Kim was burying drugs in the vacant lot.


I grew up on a farm in Kentucky. I work as a janitor. My wife died in a car accident and my son was killed in a shooting. Kim taught me a valuable lesson.


I am from Vietnam. I planted lima beans in the vacant lot beside my aparment in honor of my father.


My family is from Haiti. My father is a cab driver and is trying to grow lettuce to get rich. I was disappointed to catch him lying.


I am from Guatemala, I came up with Garcia's equation.


I am retired and in my seventies. The garden reminds me of paradise and also of Cleveland. I like to fix problems in the neighborhood.


I am from Atlanta. I want to plant goldenrod tea in the garden. I brought a bag of city hall so they would remove the trash from our garden.

Sae Young

I am from Korea. I own a dry cleaning shop and planted hot peppers in the garden. I used to be afraid of people.


I used to like to lift weights. Now, I am planting tomatoes in the garden to win my ex-girlfriend, Lakeesha, back.


I am a nurse from England. I take care of Mr. Myles because he had a stroke. I helped Mr. Myles garden by filling a barrel with soil and planting flower seeds.


I am sixteen, Mexican and pregnant. I am in a high school program for pregnant teenagers. We planted radishes and lettuce. I can talk to Leona about why I don't to have my baby. Now I realize that I am part of nature.


I am from India and I manage a fabric store. I think that Americans can be unfriendly but the garden is a place to join people together.

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