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test 1 for ma study guide

1 which of the following is the chemical symbol for iron?
B. Fe
2 Where is the sinoatrial node located?
B. between the left atrium and the left ventricle
4 Which of the following best classifies most dietary fiber?
B. Carbohydrate
6 Which of the following is included using specific anaerobic equipment for preparing cultures?
B. Gas pack jar
7 In Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, the need to be respected describes the?
D. Self-esteem need
8. ICD-9-CM?
D. irritable bowel syndrome
11 Which of the following is the recommend percentage of total daily fat calories of an average person?
C. 20-30
14 which of the following applies to codes used as supplements to the basic CPT system and are required when reporting services and procedures to Medicare and Medicaid patients?
16 Colporrhaphy is the repair of the?
E. Vagina
17 Which of the following best describes proficiency testing?
C. Using unknown samples to set up and identify speciments
18 Oxygenated blood is carried to the heart by the?
D. Pulmonary veins
21 Which of the following is a true statement?
D. A drug has only one name
22 Which letter style requires the complimentary closing and typed signature be placed in line with the left margin of the body of the letter?
C. Full block style
24 Which is not a criterion for establishing negligence?
E. informed consent
36 Which of the following best describes why the oral route is the most widely used method of drug administration?
B. No special equipment is required
39 Which of the following is an incision made to enlarge the opening of the external urethra?
B. Meatotomy
44 Which of the following is the most commonly used syringe?
C. 1-3 ml
45 a computer program is?
B. software
46 An unconscious defense mechanism characterized by behavior that is opposite of one's true feelings describes?
E. Reaction formation (compensation)
48 Which of the following injections does not require massage after administration?
C. intradermal
50 Bile enters the gastrointestinal tract at the?
B. Duodenum
51 In children, what is the correct angle of injection into the vastus lateralis?
B. 45 degrees directed inferiorly
53 Protocol regarding who reports to whom within an organization's hierarchy is the?
C. chain of authority
?56 Which of the following is a nonsterile procedure?
D. Proctosigmoidoscopy?
59 Which is not considered to be an input device?
D. Printer
65 Dr. Wu orders 100 USP units of heparin to be given to Mrs. Lee. The label on the heparin bottle reads 5,000 units per ml. How will the heparin be adminstered?
B. Subcutaneous
69 Which of the following best describes how the augmented leads are recorded?
C. After the bipolar leads
78 A patient who is usually verbal appears sad and withdrawn. The medical assistant should?
A. Describe the behavior to the patient
82 Which of the following physicians specializes in treating patients with diseases of the liver?
B. Hepatologist
84 Which of the following best describes the discharge of electrical energy?
C. Depolarization
88. If the electrocardiograph is properly standardized, the standardization mark should be how high?
B. 10mm
91. Whcih of the following does not apply to all specimens for culture?
D.Be performed using standard precautions
95. Representatives from medical supply and drug companies?
C. Can provide a valuable service and should be scheduled for short visits
97. A medical assistant says to a patient, "You should get a second opinion because your physician is not the best." The healthcare provider could be sued for:
C. Slander
99. Which of the following is included in personnel standards under the Clia regulations?
D.All personnel are able to calibrate and standardize instruments
100. Form letters should be used?
E. With individualized addressing when possible
101. A call is ringingon another line; the medical assistant should ?
D.Ask the first caller if she can hold if yes, answer the second line, ask him if he can hold. If es, return to the first caller.
102. Which of the following is transmitted by direcxt contact?
C. Tetanus
106. In men, specimens for gonococcal cultures are most commonly obtained from which of the following?
E. Urethra
109. Ethics is specifically concerned with?
C. Determining right or wrong
110. Whcih of the following conditions is characterized by the presence of kidney stones (renal calculi)?
C. Nephrolithiasis
111. How are the plasma and red blood cells separated using anti-coagulated tubes?
C.Buffy coat
112. Of the major letter styules, which is the most contemporary?
A.Full block
113. Level II of HCPCS ?
A. Provides codes to enable the provider to report nonphysician services.
114.One principle above all else to be observed in scheduling is ?
C.Be flexible and sensitive
115. Which of the following is the usual site for capillary puncture in adults?
A.Finger tip
116. The age group in which symptoms of EBV are most often diplayed is ?
A. 10-15
117.Dysphonia is a common symptom of which of the following conditions?
B. Laryngitis
118. When a shipment of supplies is received, the supplies should be checked against the?
B. Enclosed packing slip
119. Which of the following would support a patient's right to privacy?
D. Closing the door when interviewing the patient
120. Which of the following is required for the synthesis of the heme portion of the hemoglobin molecule?
C. Iron
121. In men, which of the following structures is located at the neck of the bladder and surrounds the urethra?
B. Prostate
122. Which of the following are round bacteria that grows in pairs?
B. Diplococci
123. If a patient refuses consent to treatment, the medical assistant should?
C. Delay treatment and consult the health care provider
124. Which of the following is the average leukocyte count for adults?
A. 4,500-11,000
125. The ICD-9-CM codes: ?
C. Use modifiers
?126. Scheduling paitents with the same medical complaints on the same day is?
D.Double booking
127. The subject lineis keyed:
D. on the second line below the salutation
?128. Which of the following statements is not true about performing an accurate sed rate procedure?
E.None of the above Look at test page.
129. Which of the following are mucus-producing glands located on each side of the vaginal opening?
130. Accounts receivable include?
C.Summary of amounts owed physicians by patients.
131. The term "lithiais" menas
C. Abnormal conditions of stones
132. Which of the following is another term for packed cell volume?
133. Calcium, potassium, and sodium are classified as which of the following?
134.Most insurance carriers accept which claim form?
B. CMS-1500
135. Which of the following best describes the overweight percentage used to classify obesity?
B. 20
136. Which of the following best describes the disturbance of kidney filtration when urine contains excessive glucose?
C. Composition
137. Adipose tissue is made of which of the following?
A. Fat cells
138. A state accepting a medical license granted by another state describes licensure by?
A. Reciprocity
139. The blood type of the universal donor is
A. O
140. In the ambulatory care setting, the postal class likely to be used most frequently is:
B. First class
141. Which of the following is not included in the quality control of reagent strips?
D. Keep in refrigerator
142. The medical assistant notices a patient who is blind attempting to locate the exit. He should
A. Ask, "May I be of assistance?"
143. Patients with which of the following diseases are treated with injections of vitamin B-12??
E. Pernicious anemia
144. Which of the following statements is false regarding digestion?
B. The process of digestion takes place in the stomach
145. The blood type of the universal recipient is?
146.For which of the following is confirmatory testing for urine reagent strips not usuall performed? ?
D. Blood
147. Corrections to medical records: ?
B.Are made by placing a single line through the error and replacing it with the correction
148. An E code
A. Rever to external causes
149. Which of the following is an appropriate action for a michroscopic examination of urine sediment?
D.Performed using a urine color atlas
150. To establish boundaries and ground rules for e-mail messages, many offices are developing:
A. privacy disclaimers.