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Science, Chapter 2 Test, Lessons 1-5

Louisiana Interactive Science Chapter 2 The Tools of Science

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Mass is a measure of the amount of ____ in an object.
______ is a measure of the force of gravity acting on an object.
A meter(m) is the basic SI unit used for measuring _____.
_______ is the amount of space an object or substance takes up.
______ is a measure of how much mass is contained in a given volume.
International System of Units (SI)
A/AN ______ is important because it allows scientists to compare data and communicate with each other about their results.
The metric system is a measurement system based on the number ________.
Kilogram (Kg)
In the international system o f Units, the basic unit for measuring mass is the ____________.
The Kelvin is the SI Unit for ________.
The ______ is the SI Unit used to measure time.
An ___________ is an approximation of a number based on reasonable assumptions.
Scientists often rely on ______ when they cannot obtain exact numbers.
Anomalous data
_______ are data that do not fit with the rest of a data set.
______ refers to how close a group of measurements are to each other.
collect, organize, analyze, and present
Scientists use math in their work to ____________ data.
accurate and precise
A reliable measurement is both ___________.
The ______ is the numerical average of a set of data.
Significant figure
______ communicate how precise measurements are.
If certain data are not ______, they are called anomalous data.
The ______ of a set of data is the difference between the greatest value and the least value in the set.
When scientists analyze data, they often use displays that make the data easier to ___________.
Line graphs display data that show how one variable changes in _____ to another variable.
If the data points form a _____ line, the variables may not have a clear relationship.
A graph in which the data points do not form a straight line is a _________ graph.
Line graphs are powerful tools in science because they allow you to identify ______.
Graphs organize ____ into a picture that can be analyzed.
In experiments, scientists make changes to one variable, called ______ variable.
Trends seen from a line graph help scientists make ____ about future data.
straight line
A graph in which the data points form a ______ is a linear graph.
linear graphs
Both _____ and non-linear graphs can show trends.
Temperature and time are examples of _____ variables.
In experiments, scientists make changes to the manipulated variable, and the data they collect show what happened to the ________ variable as a result of these changes.
Scientists use models to understand things that they cannot observe _____.
performs a function
A system produces a result or _______ .
basic model
The tick's lifecycle can be shown in a _______.
many interactions
A complex system involves __________.
Feedback is a type of _______.
_____ is what happens in a system.
complex or simple system
A ____ can be represented in a model.
A _____ can show your body's digestive system.
Scientists can use models to predict _____ in a system as a result of a change in output or systems feedback.
The bicycle is a ______ system.
safety goggles
Which safety symbol would you expect to see for an investigation in which you drop balls to measure how high they bounce?
wear plastic gloves
Which of the following rules is important to follow when you are working with chemicals?
work with a partner
What should you always do to be safe in the field?
tell your teacher
What is the first thing you should do in case of a fire in the laboratory?
When you are doing an investigation with glass beakers, there will always be a safety symbol for _____.
heat resistant
Use _______ gloves when handling hot objects.
sharp objects
Wear safety goggles when you are working with chemicals or _________.
Always wash your _____ after working in the laboratory.
plastic gloves
When you handle animals, use _________.
fire blanket
A ________ smothers fires.
1000 meters=1 kilometer
How many meters are in a kilometer?
Mass is the amount of matter in an object and Weight is the amount of the force of gravity acting on an object.
What is the difference between mass and weight?
LxWxH (Length x width x height)
How do you find volume?
Density = Mass/ volume ( Mass divided by volume) (kg/m3 kilograms per cubic meter)
How do you find the density? What is the formula?
______is the closeness of a a measurement to its true value.
Accuracy refers to how close a measurement is to the true or accepted value and Precision refers to how close a group of measurements are to each other.
What is the difference between precision and accuracy?
What does a significant figure include fewest?
_________ is the middle number in a set of data.
left to right
What direction does the horizontal axis of a graph run?
A _______ is a group of parts that work together.
Mechanical is man made and environment is made in the environment or in nature.
What is the difference between mechanical and environmental systems?
many interactions
A complex system involve ________.
Good preparation - Safety
What is your chief concern when you perform in the lab?
Tell your teacher immediately and follow directions
What are the first two steps you should take when an accident happens in the classroom?
1. Always tell an adult where you will be working. 2. Always work with a partner.
3. Wear appropriate clothing
What safety precautions should you take when working in the field?
3 digits ; the 5 is estimated
If you have a row of fence boards that is 78.5 meters long. How many significant figures are in this measurement? Which digit is estimated?
Find the mean, median, mode and range for this data.
24, 16, 11, 10, 16, 4, 17
A representation of a simple or complex object or process is a __________.
Multiply length times width times height.
How do you find the volume of a regular solid?
Use the displacement method.
How do you find the volume of an irregular solid?
Data that form a straight line result in a linear graph. Data points that don't fall along a straight line form a nonlinear graph.
What is the difference between a linear graph and a nonlinear graph?