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In-Depth Keywords in Nahum 1! *FINISHED!*

Almost EVERY KEYWORD IN NAHUM 1. It's been really exhausting and I'm sure not even a fourth of these words are on the test, but you can never be too prepared :D For the written test they asked me a Senior hebrew word. Luckily, I had learned it a long time ago. Later, I hope to add my studies from the other study dictionaries that I am using, so this isn't quite completed. I hope this is helpful!

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oracle/burden - "massa"
4853. A burden in the form of a prophetic utterance or oracle. A heavy or weighty thing to be carried up or lifted. load, bearing, tribute, burden, something to be carried. Utterance or oracle. Something uttered. Singing. a Gift. a burden, lifting.
burden - "cebalah"
vision - "chazown"
2377. vision, oracle, prophecy - a divine communication or revelation.. Dream, revelation, oracle. A (mental) sight.
Lord - "Yehovah" or "Yahweh"
3068. "the existing One". the proper name of the one true God. Self existent or eternal.
jealous - "qannow"
7072. jealous.
avenging - "naqam"
5358. to avenge, take vengeance. Avenge oneself, be avenged, be punished. Avenge or punish.
God - "El"
410. god-like one, mighty one. Mighty, strength, power. Strong, a hero.
wrathful - "baal"
1167. owner, husband, lord, possessor, ruler, citizens, inhabitants.
adversaries - "tsar"
6862. narrow, tight, distress. adversary, foe, enemy, oppressor. An adversary, an enemy. Distress, affliction. A stone.
wrath - "chemah"
2534. heat, rage, hot displeasure, burning anger indignation, anger, wrath, venom, poison (fig.)
enemies - "ayab/oyeb"
340 (or 341?)To be an adversary to anyone; to persecute him as an enemy; to hate. to be hostile to, to be an enemy to, treat as an enemy, be an enemy.
slow - "arak"
750. long, patient, slow to anger, longsuffering, patience.
anger - "aph"
639. nostril, nose, face anger. Breathing hard due to passion or rage. Anger, which shows itself in hard breathing.
great - "gadowl"
1419. great, large in intensity or number. of importance or greatness. Can be used to describe elders. Great in magnitude or extent. Great of power, nobility or weatlth
power - "koach"
3581. strength, power, might. Mainly strength. ability, power. substenance, wealth, riches.
clear the guilty - "naqah"
5352. to be empty, be pure,be innocent, be Wipe/clean their slate. Be blameless and cleansed. To be free from punishment. To be clear, free. To leave unpunished and pardon.
His way - "derek"
1870. journey, way, path, road. manner, habit, way.Oof course of life (fig.) Of moral character (fig.)
whirlwind - "cuwphah"
5492. Storm, wind, gale, tempest, whirlwind.
storm - "s'arah"
8183. storm, tempest, hurricane
clouds - "'anan"
6051. cloud, cloudmass, cloudy
dust - "'abaq"
80. dust, powder, small or fine dust. Differs from the heavier dust - this is used of the clouds of which God treads on.
feet - "regel"
7272. foot, leg. step, gait, pace
rebukes - "ga'ar"
1605. to rebuke, corrupt, reprove. Often used of God rebuking his enemies. Also used of God rebuking the sea in Nahum 1:4 and Psalm 106:9
sea - "yam"
3220. sea: Mediterranean, Red, Dead and Sea of Galilee. A great rive. West, the western quarter
makes it dry - "yabesh"
3001. To dry or make dry. To be or to become dry.Withered. To be ashamed, to be put to shame, to blush.
dries up - "charab"
2717. To be dried up. To be waste, laid waste, be desolate, parched, be ruined, to destroy,
rivers - "nahar"
5104. stream, river. flood.
wither - "amal"
535. To be weak, to droop, to languish, to be exhausted, wax feeble.
bloom - "perach"
6525. bud, sprout, blossom, flower.
mountains - "har"
2022. hill, mountain, hill country, mount, a mountain tract of country,
quake - "ra'ash"
7493. To be moved, to be shaken. To move, to shake, to cause to tremble. quake, shake, tremble
melt/dissolve - "muwg"
4127. to flow down, to melt, to soften. as if to dissolve into wine and oil by fear and alarm. To cause to melt, soften or make soft, dissolve or dissipate, dissapear.
earth - "'erets"
776. earth, land, continent, country, ground, piece of land
heaves/is burned - "nasa"
5375. The word which "massa" comes from. To take, to lift up. To bear or carry. To recieve or take hold of. To lift up one's head, countenance, eyes, voice, soul
world - "tebel"
8398. the fertile and inhabited earth, the habitable globe, the whole earth, inhabited.
dwell - "yashab"
3427. to dwell in, inhabit, remain, abide, to inhabit. to dwell, remain, sit, abide.
presence - "paniym"
6440. face, prescence, person. Before, behind, in front.
stand - "amad"
5975. to stand, stand firm, remain, endure, to stand still, to stop. To make a stand and hold one's ground. To be ordained, established, appointed.
indignation - "za'am"
2195. anger, indignation, rage, fierceness
endure - "quwm"
6965. to arise, stand, stand up, to be established.
poured out - "nathak"
5413. to pour self out, to be poured out, to (be?) melted. To pour forth, to be poured out
fire - "'esh"
784. splendor, brightness. Fire, flames, fiery, burning, God's anger
rocks - "tswur"
6697. stone, pebble, rock, cliff
broken - "nathats"
5542. to be torn away. to destroy, break down, to pull down, break down.
good - "towb"
2896. good, pleasant, agreeble, kind, upright.
stronghold - "maoz/mauz/maowz"
4851. a strong or fortified place, a defense, a fortress. a place or means of safety, protection. Protection, refuge, stronghold, defense, harbour
trouble/affliction - "tsarah"
6869. From 6862, the Hebrew word for "adversaries." straits, distress, trouble, affliction. A female adversary or rival.
knows - "yada"
3045. to know, perceive, to acquire knowledge. Be acquainted, get to know, discover.
who take refuge - "chacah"
2620. to flee to for protection or refuge. Who confide in him. Have hope in, make refuge, put trust. Seek refuge or shelter.
overflowing/pass through - "abar"
5674. to pass over, through, or by, pass on. alienate, carry, do away, to perish, take away, vanish, bring over, cross over
flood - "sheteph"
7858. inundation, flood, downpour, out burst, overflowing
complete end - "kalah"
3617. consumption, (complete) destruction. completion, termination, full end, annhilation.
place - "maqowm"
4725. standing place, place. city, spot, space, post, quarter.
pursue - "radaph"
7291. to pursue, chase, persecute. follow after, put to flight, attend closely upon, harass.
darkness - "chosek"
2822. darkness, obscurity. darkness, secret. Also misery, adversity
plot - "chasab"
2803. to plan or devise. to think, account, conceive, plan, esteem, calculate, invent, make a judgment, imagine, count
entangled/tangled/folden together - "cabak"
5440. to interweave.
thorns - "ciyr"
5518. pot, thorn, hook, brier
drunk - "caba"
5433. to drink heavily or largely, imbibe
drunkards - "cobe"
5435. wine. drink, liquor
consumed/ devoured - "akal"
398. to eat, devour, burn up, feed, consumed, eaten, destroyed,
stubble - "qash"
7179. stubble, chaff, straw.
evil - "ra"
7451. misery, distress, injury, bad, evil, calamity, wrong
worthlesw/wicked "belial"
1100. destruction. worthlessness, good for nothing, unprofitable. wicked, vileness, a destroyer, causer of destruction, will bring trouble
counsellor - "yaats"
3289. to take counsel, to decree, to command. to counsult with one another, to advise, counsel, consult, devise, plan (together, a worthless counselor is one who plans and devises worthless and unprofitable plans, plans for destruction and trouble)
strength/quiet/peace - "shalam"
8003. complete, safe, at peace. full, perfect, finished. safe, un-harmed, whole
many - "rab"
7227. numerous, abundant, great, exceedingly, many, multitude, much, many, great, greater than
cut down - "gazaz"
1494. to shear, mow, shave, to be shorn
afflict - "anah"
6031. to be bowed down or afflicted. Oppress, to be put down, brought low, to stoop, to be humbled, be humiliated
break - "shabar"
7665. to break, to break in pieces,. rend violently, wreck, crush, shatter
yoke - "mowt"
4132. a yoke. a shaking, pole, bar (of a yoke)
burst - "nathaq"
5423. to pull, draw, or tear away, apart, or off, draw out, pluck up, break, lift, root out
bonds - "mowcer"
4147. band, bond.
commandment - "tsavah"
6680. to lay charge (upon), give charge (to), command, order.
name - "shem"
8034. name, reputation, fame, glory, fame after death, memoryAlso Shem, the Noah's first son.
perpetuated - "zara"
2232. to be sown. to sow, scatter seed. To scatter to disperse,
carved image - "pecel"
6459. idol, image. graven image.
metal image - "maccekah"
4541. a libation, molten metal or image. The casting of a metal.
grave - "qeber"
6913. grave, sepulchre, tomb.
vile - "qalal"
7043. to be despised, contemned. to be slight, swift, trifling, of little account, insignificant, lightly esteemed, scornful, laughable, contemptible, dis-hounourable
brings good news - "basar"
1319. to bear news, tidings, publish, peace, show forth. To announce salvation as good news, preach. to gladden with good news
peace - "shalom"
7965. completeness, soundness, welfare, peace, wholeness. Welfare, health, prosperity. Peace, friendship
celebrate - "chagag"
2287. to hold a feast, hold a festival, make pilgrimage, keep a pilgrim-feast, celebrate, dance, stagger, reel. To dance, reel, be giddy. To keep a festival
feasts - "chag"
2282. festival, feast, festival-gathering, pilgrim-feast
fufill - "shalam"
7999. To be in a covenant of peace. Be at peace. To make peace with, complete, finish, end make good, recompense, pay, perform, requit
vows - "neder"
5088. vow, votive offering. Anything vowed, a vowed sacrifice.
cut off - "karath"
3772. to cut, to cut off, to cut out, eliminate, kill, cut of a body part, to destroy