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Different parts of the Catholic Church

Baptismal Font

a basin of blessed water


candles on the wall where the bishop blessed our church when our church was built

Stained Glass Windows

special windows that have pictures including, Jesus, Mary, & Joesph


how you pray


3 circles hidden behind the alter


a box where the concecrated hosts are kept

Vesting Room

a room where all the robes for the preists and alter servers are kept

Holy Sink

a sink that leads directly to the ground, extra wine and hosts are poured down this sink

Stations of the Cross

a "story" of Jesus' Life


kneeling toward the tabernacle before and after you enter a pew

Bishop Edward Cullen

bishop of our church

Msgr. Sacks

our pastor


they are red and are in the back of the church near the chapel, if someone you know is in need of prayer you can light one of these


the area in front of the church where the reader, priest, deacon, or any other special person is allowed to stand and/or speak during mass

Gathering Space

an area outside of the church where people can talk and enjoy themselves before and after mass


where the people sit during mass


a smaller church in the back of the church

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