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  1. Crossing the Rubicon
  2. Lutatius Catalus
  3. Hamilca Barca
  4. Sulla
  5. Calpurnia
  1. a Making a life altering decision.
  2. b Evil dictator in Rome who made black lists
  3. c Caesar's wife
  4. d Roman General during 1st Punic War
  5. e Carthage General during 1st Punic War

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  1. Caesar's best friend who killed him
  2. Caesar's right-hand man, teamed with Octavian to punish Caesar's murders, fell in love with Cleopatra, went into civil war, at Battle of Actium, he and Cleopatra fled and committed suicide
  3. river Julius crossed to enter back into Rome
  4. 2 brothers and tribunes and prosed idea of ending landless farmers by breaking up latifundia
  5. Dynasty of augustus-tiberius-caligula-claudius-nero

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  1. ScipioBrutus' Wife


  2. Julius CaeserTitle given to Octavian by senate meaning"holy one"


  3. LatifundiaHuge estates owned by wealthy families in Rome


  4. OctavianBrutus' Wife


  5. ZamaEvil dictator in Rome who made black lists