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  1. Crossing the Rubicon
  2. Sulla
  3. Latifundia
  4. Cassius
  5. Octavian
  1. a Making a life altering decision.
  2. b Leader of the conspiracy against Caesar
  3. c Huge estates owned by wealthy families in Rome
  4. d Caeser's heir who replaced him and formed the 2nd triumvarete
  5. e Evil dictator in Rome who made black lists

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  1. julius' mentor and part of triumverte.
  2. Carthage General during 1st Punic War
  3. Part of the Second Triumvirate with Mark Antony and Octavian. Was told to retire by Octavian
  4. Roman general who commanded the invasion of Carthage in the second Punic War and defeated Hannibal at Zama
  5. Roman general, he was one of the greatest military leaders in history. He conquered most of Gual and was named dictator for life, but was later murderd by a group of senators

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  1. PortiaRoman general and statesman who quarrelled with Caesar and fled to Egypt where he was murdered (106-48 BC)


  2. BrutusCaesar's best friend who killed him


  3. AugustusTitle given to Octavian by senate meaning"holy one"


  4. Julio Claudian DynastyDynasty of augustus-tiberius-caligula-claudius-nero


  5. PompeyBrutus' Wife