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6th grade math vocab stock exchange HUTCHISON column 4

money that is gained or maid as a result of an investment
stocks and bonds
Securities and Exchange Commission
A governmental agency that was established in 1934 to protect ivestors in securities (stocks and bonds). It registers all securities , licenses brockers, hears complaints, and penalizes people or companies who don't follow the rules
one portion of ownership in a corporation
someone who owns shares of stock and a corporation
shares of ownership in corporate or public body
a profesional who is licenced to buy and sell stock
stock exchange
a place where stocks are brought and sold
someone who owns shares of stock in a company same as a share holder
stock certificate
a certificate that shows ownership of one or more shares of stock in a corporation
stock split
when a companpany divides its stocks into smaller more economical shares. If a stock splits 2 for 1 it means that stockholders get 2 shares for everyone they own the price of the new stock would be adjusted downward