Native American Music Midterm 1

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Whenever possible it is always best to refer to a person or a group of people by their tribal affiliation rather than just referring to them as Native American
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On map in our textbook labeled "Tribal Nations Maps," the people are listed by _________ names and their location.TraditionalTwo types of AerophonesWhistle and fluteIn this class one way to discuss different note-lengths is to use the terms longer and shorter to refer to the note durations.TrueThe First Nations have adapted European musical dance forms such as the polka, waltz, square dance, schottische, and jig, using these musical genres as the basis to incorporate traditional indigenous dance steps.FalseA width of the vibrato refers to how fast or slow the wavering of pitch isFalseWhat region is the snare drum typically found in?SubarcticIn the textbook the author references a group that is indigenous that instead of using acoustic instruments the group is known for creating electronic dance music. What group was the author discussing?A Tribe Called RedTimbre is also referred to asTone Tone-Color Color Sound QualityRefers scientifically to how our brains translate changes in air pressure frequencyPitchA single sound within a piece of musicnoteA moment of silence in a piece of musicrestcan refer to two different things: 1) How high or low an instrument or singer can play or sing, or 2) The range between the lowest and highest note in a specific piece of musicPitch rangeThe six nations that are part of the Haudenosaunee confederacy areOnondaga Seneca Oneida Mohawk Cayuga TuscaroraAccording to Perry, art is another way to share storiesTrueIn the first story, Perry explained how the two animals received their distinguishing features.TrueIt is believed that the Haudenosaunee's formation of their confederacy helped form the relationship of the United States federal governments and States.TrueWhen Perry is meeting other Native Americans, one of the things they want to do is exchange __________StoriesThe Haudenosaunee people refer to the land they live on as ________Island.TurtleThe storyteller in the video Tales from the Long House is a member of the _______clanTurtleWhile many people refer to the Haudenosaunee confederacy as the Iroquois, Iroquois can been seen as a negative word derived from the meaning:Rattle Snake peopleDuring the time the young Hamat'sa spends in the woods his body will become possessed by the ______ spirit.cannibalThe speaker tries to drive out the evil with _____.fireAccording to the video, the ceremony is led by the _____ who directs the action and moves in and out of speaking and singing religious text.SpeakerThe young Hamat'sa is tamed by wearing the red ______ rings.Cedar BarkThe young Hamat'sa will wander in the woods for ______ months.4What is a wampum belt?A belt used to tell a story or convey a messageIn a performative society narrative is created through__________performance-based rituals and artistic totems that focus on the five senses and on acting out cultural narratives.In the textbook the terms "oral societies" and "oral traditions" are replaced with "performative societies or traditions."TrueThe purpose of a Potlatch isTo teach children the importance of their culture.The Hamat'sa Society learns information purely through oral means.FalseIt took _____times for the embryo to survive.threeMike Mirelez performs _____ songs.birdMike Mirelez (bird performer) the story behind each song before it is sung. The songs are centered around _______ ______ and how they created their versions of earth.Two BrothersUsing the divisions of the California region listed in the course materials, Mike's Nation is from the ______ California region.southernMike Mrelez is a member of the ______ _______ nation.Desert CahuillaBear Dance songs focus on songs that use mostly text.FalseDuring the Caddo Turkey Dance, the drum was originally placed on a drum-standFalseHoop dancers perform two main dance steps: dancing in place in time with the drum and stepping forward.FalseAccording to Ute legend, the Ute people have ancestral connections to the Bear.TrueThe Caddo drum creates a growling and scratching sound.FalseThe Gourd Dance is believed to have originated within the Caddo Nation long before the people moved from the Northern Plains into the Southern Plains region.FalseA Gourd Dance can be included before the start of a Northern Plains powwowFalseThe Gourd Dance is believed to have originated within the Kiowa Nation long before the people moved from the Northern Plains into the Southern Plains region.TrueAccording to Caddo legend a red wolf helped a stranded warrior that had lost allFalse - Kiowa legendA Gourd Dance can be included before the start of a Southern Plains powwowTrueWhat Nation performs the Bear Dance?Ute__________ is the name of the Turkey Dance in Caddo.Nuh Ka Oa SunThe Hoop Dance __________can include up to fifty different hoops being used at the same time to create dance motions, patterns, and shapes to tell a narrative.Bear Dance songs are described as having a ___________ instrumental soundGrindingDentalium mollusk shells acted as a form ofCurrencyA(n) ________is a short musical idea that is repeated.ostinatoTo show support, audience members might join in _________.SingingMen would often write songs while they werehuntingThe movie The Fast Runner includes a scene with a ___________Duel SongDrum Dance drummers will hit only the _______ of the drum.RimSong duels can be performed between either ______ men or ______ women and the goal is to outwit the other(s).twoThe unique vocal timbre used in singing ________comes from four different methods of sound production.KatajjaqKatajjaq acts as a sort of _______ where each woman imitates and competes with each other.vocal gameThe Akimel O'odham were previously known as the __________.PimaWaila repertoire features ______________ dance and musical genres.polka, two-step or chotis, and cumbiaThe original Waila band featuredDrums Bass Guitar Accordion Violin or Wind Instruments"Making medicine" occurs when sugar pine pitchwood is burned while applying herbs and sugar pine bark ointment to the sick child.TrueCherokee ethnomusicologist Charlotte Heth produced the album Songs of Earth, Wind, and Fire: Music of the American Indian.TrueSong Duels are a type of drum dance.TrueSong duels are only performed in Greenland.FalseDrum Dance songs, also referred to as a-ya-ya.TrueThe best duel songs performed are also preserved through future performances outside of the duel itself.TrueTanya Tagaq is an experimental artist who uses her throat singing technique as a part of her own self-expression as a composer and performer.TrueKatajjaq is referred to as throat singing in English.TrueIn Walia music, the accordion has continued to be a central instrument.TrueThe Tohono O'odham Nation is located in southwestern region on the border of Arizona and Mexico.TrueWalia is a unique genre that clearly shows the incorporation of European music but holds true to being truly Tohono O'odham.True