CH. 14

Components of the first line of defense include all the following except
phagocytic white blood cells.
The body region where a ciliary escalator helps to sweep microbes trapped in mucus away from that body site is the
respiratory tract
This body region is protected by fatty acids, acidic pH, lactic acid, and a tough cell barrier with its own normal flora
hich of the following is an example of GALT?
The clearance of pus, cellular debris, dead neutrophils, and damaged tissue after inflammation is performed by
The most numerous WBC's, that have multilobed nuclei and are very phagocytic are
Which cell type is phagocytic and can migrate out into body tissues to differentiate into macrophages?
Hemopoiesis is the
production of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.
Diapedesis is the
migration of white blood cells from the blood out to the tissues.
Which of the following lymphoid organs has the immunological function of filtering pathogens from the blood?
Which structures are found along lymphatic vessels but are heavily clustered in the armpit, groin, and neck?
lymph nodes
Which gland shrinks in size during adulthood, and has hormones that function in maturation of T-lymphocytes?
The lymphoid tissues of the intestinal tract are collectively referred to as
Histamine, serotonin, and bradykinin are all
vasoactive mediators
The membrane attack stage of the complement cascade involves
a ring-shaped protein digests holes in bacterial cell membranes and virus envelopes.
Specificity and memory are associated with which body defense mechanism?
T cell and B cell responses
All of the following are types of granulocytes because they have prominent cytoplasmic granules when stained except
All of the following are types of agranulocytes because they do not have prominent granules in their cytoplasm when stained except
Due to the way the lymph drains from lymph nodes, cell and products of immunity continually
enter the regular circulatory system.
Joe cut his finger on a sharp twig and now is experiencing dolor. This means
Maria was scratched on her arm by her cat and the site is experiencing rubor. This means
All of the following are correct about lymph except
it is transported through the body by the same pump as blood, i.e., the heart
The contribution of B cells is mainly in
humoral immunity