Bio Chapter 7: Photosynthesis: Using Light to Make Food

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Which of the following are produced in the thylakoids and consumed by reactions in the stroma of a chloroplast?
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Which of the following correctly matches each of the inputs to the Calvin cycle with its role in the cycle?carbon dioxide: carbon ... ATP: energy ... NADPH: high-energy electronsThe reactions of the Calvin cycle are not directly dependent on light, but they usually do not occur at night. Why?The Calvin cycle depends on products of the light reactions.The energy used to produce ATP in the light reactions of photosynthesis comes from __________.movement of H+ through a membraneA photon of which of the following carries the greatest amount of energy?X raysDuring photosynthesis, O2 is produced from __________ via a series of reactions associated with __________.H2O ... the water-splitting photosystemWhich of the following is an example of carbon fixation?the enzyme rubisco catalyzing the addition of CO2 to a five-carbon sugar in the Calvin cycleThe source of the oxygen produced by photosynthesis has been identified through experiments using radioactive tracers. The oxygen comes from __________.waterA plant is growing under bright lights in a sealed chamber. What will happen to the air in the chamber?The amount of oxygen will increase.A gardener is concerned that her greenhouse is getting too hot from too much sunlight and wants to shade her plants with colored plastic sheets. What color should she use to reduce overall light energy but still maximize plant growth?blueBurning biofuels releases CO2 into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. However, this is at least partially offset by __________.the CO2 absorbed during photosynthesis as plants grow