42 terms

chapter 10

independent, autonomous city states
the political structure of the ancient Greeks?
the Mycenaeans received early, indirect influence from the Egyptians and Phoenicians through their contact with the?
lavish palaces on the island of Crete
the best example of Minoan culture can be seen in the remains at?
of the natural disasters that plagued the Minoans, the most devastating was the volcanic eruption in 1628 BCE on the island of?
Linear B
the Mycenaeans adapted the Minoan written language to their own needs and developed a syllabic script called?
Linear A
The Minoans wrote a script, not yet deciphered, that was known as?
a city state
-the Greeks used the word polis to refer to?
the Spartans were constantly afraid of the prospect of an uprising by the serfs known as?
prowess, discipline, and military talent
distinction among the ancient Spartans came from?
free adult males
Athenian democracy was open to?
the leader who forged a compromise between Athen's social classes by allowing the aristocrats to keep their land while also providing representation for the common classes was?
which of the following words was used by the Greeks to refer to generals or politicians who, although often popular, gained power by irregular means?
Athens became the most sophisticated of the poleis, the Peloponnesian War
which of the following events occurred during the time of Pericles?
DID: spread greek language
tradition, quickened the tempo of social life, local clan leaders built small sates when Greek merchants brought wealth there /which of the following did NOT come about because of Greek colonization?
the decisive naval battle of the Persian war was fought at?
under whose leadership did Athens become the most sophisticated of the poleis?
the naval loss at Salamis was viewed by the Perisan king?
who won the Peloponnesian War?
in the years after the Persian War, the leader of the Delian League was?
Philip of Macedon
by 338 BCE, the Greeks had fallen to?
the most important port in the Hellenistic world was?
the easternmost point of Alexander's conquests was?
the largest part of Alexander's conquests, essentially the former Achaemenid empire, was taken over by?
which of the following people wrote that Alexander the Great possessed, "great personal beauty, invincible power of endurance, and a keen intellect"?
the Seleucid realm
of all the Hellenistic empires, Greek influence was greatest in?
the wealthiest of the Hellenistic empires was the _____ empire?
a colony on the Oxus river in ancient Bactria
Ai Khanum was?
in which polis did women have the most freedom?
a women homosexual poet
Sappho was?
fell under the authority of their fathers, husbands, and sons. spent most of their time in the family home, and were supervised and wore veils when they went outside
which of the following statements is true about women in the Greek world?
human beings and human affairs
Socrates believed that it was most important to understand?
which of the following did Socrates believe was more important than wealth or fame?
who said "the unexamined life is not worth living"?
the concept of Forms or Ideas is associated with?
in "The Republic", Plato proposed that the true rulers of society should be?
which Greek god was the grandson of the earth and sky gods?
originally a disciple of Plato, came to distrust the theory of Forms or Ideas, explored the nature of reality in subtle metaphysical works and devised rigorous rules of logic in an effort to construct powerful and compelling arguments
later christian scholastic philosophers referred to this man as "the master of those who know"?
women were the chief devotees of the Greek god of wine, who was named?
the dramatist Euripides
the author of the Bacchae was?
which of the Hellenistic philosophers viewed pleasure as the greatest good?
which of the Hellenistic philosophers considered all human beings to be members of a single, universal family?