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  1. normalize the behavior by rejecting the definition of deviant act.
    (what type of deviance)
  2. members of stigmatized groups who are costly to scoiety. (welfare recipents)
  3. _________ refer to the societal pressures to conform to rules
  4. Legal system biased against poor
    (Theory of Deviance or Conflict Theory of Deviance)
  5. Lack of ____________ effects lead to more crime
  1. a Conflict Theory of deviance
  2. b External mechanisms
  3. c social junk
  4. d Tertiary Deviance
  5. e Deterrent

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  1. 1.clarifies rules
    2.unites the group
    3.promotes social change
  2. -increase
  3. Conflict Theory of Deviance
  4. -Internal
  5. Strain Theory

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  1. Examples of Social Agents?-Family
    -Criminal Justice System
    -Court System


  2. marginalized persons who are considered dangerous to elites1.Primary deviance
    2.secondary deviance
    3.teriary deviance


  3. 3 types of deviance under labeling theory?1.Primary deviance
    2.secondary deviance
    3.teriary deviance


  4. What are the 5 theories of Deviance?1.Strain Theory
    2.Rational Choice Theory
    3.Labeling Theory
    4.Differential Association (Social Learning Theory)
    5.Social Control/social Bonding Theory


  5. Examples of Deviance...?-committing a crime
    -inappropriate dress