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  1. Deviance/ Functionalism serve 3 functions?
  2. Fuctionalism- crime results from rapid ___________ and lack of ______________?
  3. Frequently associate with individuals who are more favorable toward deviance than conformity is an example of what theory?
  4. Powerful use lawas to control powerless
    (Theory of Deviance or Conflict Theory of Deviance)
  5. Rational Choice Theory- a person weighs the _________ of the crimnal behavior & determines the benifits __________ the risk.
  1. a -cost/benifits
  2. b Conflict Theory of Deviance
  3. c 1.clarifies rules
    2.unites the group
    3.promotes social change
  4. d -social change
    -social intergration
  5. e Social Learning Theory

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  1. External mechanisms
  2. 1.trouble
  3. social dynamite
  4. social junk
  5. Learned

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  1. accept the label of deviant-play the role
    (What type of deviance)
    Primary Deviant


  2. Examples of Deviance...?-Family
    -Criminal Justice System
    -Court System


  3. Social Agents do what?-weakend family structure
    -loss of community
    -lack of good role models


  4. SOCIAL CONTROL THEORY- probability of deviance _______ as a person's ties to society ___________?-increase


  5. Some one who accepts the label placed on them and begins to act accordingly practices the ___________ theory.Labeling