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  1. members of stigmatized groups who are costly to scoiety. (welfare recipents)
  2. poor punished more severly
    (Theory of Deviance or Conflict Theory of Deviance)
  3. Conflict theorist believe key issue is not the deviant act, but ___________certain acts as deviant
  4. normalize the behavior by rejecting the definition of deviant act.
    (what type of deviance)
  5. Lack of ____________ effects lead to more crime
  1. a social junk
  2. b Conflict Theory of Deviance
  3. c who defines
  4. d Tertiary Deviance
  5. e Deterrent

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  1. Strain Theory
  2. Conflict Theory of deviance
  3. External mechanisms
  4. capitalism
  5. Exert pressure

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  1. Attention,bored, depression, revenage,addiction,insanity
    (what theory)
    Social Control/Social Bonding Theory


  2. Fuctionalism- crime results from rapid ___________ and lack of ______________?-social change
    -social intergration


  3. What are the 5 theories of Deviance?1.Strain Theory
    2.Rational Choice Theory
    3.Labeling Theory
    4.Differential Association (Social Learning Theory)
    5.Social Control/social Bonding Theory


  4. Criminology-the study of __________and_________?degree of seriousness


  5. Some one who accepts the label placed on them and begins to act accordingly practices the ___________ theory.Secondary Deviance