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  1. Frequently associate with individuals who are more favorable toward deviance than conformity is an example of what theory?
  2. Examples of Deviance...?
  3. Legal system biased against poor
    (Theory of Deviance or Conflict Theory of Deviance)
  4. SOCIAL CONTROL THEORY- probability of deviance _______ as a person's ties to society ___________?
  5. People feel strain when they are unable to attain cultraly approved goals....?
  1. a -increase
  2. b Conflict Theory of deviance
  3. c Social Learning Theory
  4. d -committing a crime
    -inappropriate dress
  5. e Strain Theory

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  1. 1.Primary deviance
    2.secondary deviance
    3.teriary deviance
  2. Internal Mechanism of Social Control
  3. 1.trouble
  4. social dynamite
  5. External mechanisms

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  1. Criminology-the study of __________and_________?Crime
    Criminal Justice System


  2. Law defines and controls two groups of people.
    (Theory of Deviance or Conflict Theory of Deviance)
    Secondary Deviance


  3. The state of weakend norms?anomie


  4. Some one who accepts the label placed on them and begins to act accordingly practices the ___________ theory.Labeling


  5. What are the two mechanisms of social control?-Internal