15 terms

sociology midterm 8

66. Culture consists of:
a. values
b. norms
c. material goods
d. language
e. all of the above
67. Behavior that disqualifies members of one group from opportunities available to others is:
a. prejudice
b. discrimination
c. racism
d. situational ethnicity
e. symbolic racism
68. The first large wave of immigrants to the United States, from the time of independence until the 1880s, was mostly from:
a. Britain and northwestern Europe
b. eastern Europe
c. southern Europe
d. Asia
e. Latin America
69. Neoliberalism argues that because global free trade will enable all countries to prosper it is necessary to:
a. continue to promote the logic of growth
b. eliminate all governmental regulation and disavow a minimum wage and other labor laws
c. loan money with interest to the NIE countries so they have capital to invest in their economies
d. ignore political and military power
e. enable third world governments to regulate wage and labor laws
70. Garfinkel's experiments involved the use of what type of methodology?
a. ethnographic statistics
b. life history analysis
c. conversation analysis
d. secondary analysis
e. ascribed status analysis
71. When your professor wears a tie to the first day of class and later changes into shorts and a T-shirt for a barbeque with friends, he is engaging in:
a. social positioning
b. civil inattention
c. brackets
d. social rolling
e. impression management
72. The meaning of expressions in a conversation depends on:
a. the words
b. the sentences
c. the social context
d. all of the above
e. none of the above
73. At which stage in the development process does gender socialization begin?
a. infancy
b. toddlerhood
c. early adolescence
d. adolescence
e. young adulthood
74. Which countries exploit the natural resources of the periphery, according to world-systems theory?
a. core
b. semi-core
c. semiperipheral
d. a and b
e. a and c
75. According to dependency theory, low-income countries are NOT underdeveloped but:
a. not regulated enough
b. lack sufficient experience with multinational corporations
c. misdeveloped
d. increasingly capitalistic in nature
e. lack health and labor regulation
76. What was the original cause of "misdevelopment" in the low-income countries, according to dependency theory?
a. fatalism
b. colonialism
c. their peripheral geographical locations
d. their lack of a Protestant ethic
e. patriarchal hegemony
77. The Interstate Highway System facilitated efficient movement of traffic in and around urban areas. The decline of the central city was the ________ consequence of the highway system.
a. obvious
b. manifest
c. intended
d. latent
e. positive
78. Which theory looks at the whole world economy as an integrated web of relations, rather than focusing on individual countries?
a. market-oriented theory
b. modernization theory
c. dependency theory
d. world-systems theory
e. state-centered theory
79. Hunger is a global problem, although it is not distributed equally throughout the world. Which of the
following best characterizes those countries where a high percentage of people go hungry?
a. Countries with a very large population, such as China, have a very high rate of hunger.
b. Island nations have among the highest hunger rates.
c. Sub-Saharan African countries are among the highest in rates of hunger.
d. The highest concentration of hunger is found in the Middle East.
e. All of the above; all of these countries have a very high rate of hunger.
80. In what way(s) do teachers show a bias against girls in the classroom?
a. Teachers punish girls more often for their misbehavior, whereas boys' bad behaviors are more generally tolerated.
b. Teachers provide girls with the correct answers, whereas they help boys solve the problems.
c. While it is true that teachers have a bias against girls, female teachers are less likely to show this bias.
d. Teachers are more likely to call on girls for answers, which often causes embarrassment for the girls.
e. all of the above