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Livestock preparation - market swine.

Market swine must be _____.
quickly, muscling
They must be able to grow _____, exhibit superior ____ while remaining lean designed.
loose, internal dimension
For a hog to thrive, it must also be ____ in it's design and have sufficient _____ ____ (body volume) to grow quickly and be more desirable converters of feed stuffs they consume.
(basic area) refers to meat or amount of meat within each individual market swine.
(basic area) need to be as lean as they can while maintaining muscle, body volume, growth and structural soundness.
(basic area) must have ability to grow.
(basic area) will grow quicker and more efficiently with body capacity.
internal dimension
body capacity = ____ ____.
structural soundness
(basic area) major structural defects can hamper the ability of market swine to gain and grow effectively. market hogs need to have adequate slope through the shoulder region, loose in their hip or spine and flex to their rear hocks.