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Parasympathetic System performs seven regulatory functions

*Focusing the eye for near vision
*Constricting the pupil
*Slowing of the heart rate
*Contracting bronchial smooth muscle
*Increased gastric secretion
*Emptying of the bladder
*Emptying of the bowel

If the Sympathetic Nervous System can be thought of as an Accelerator....

...the Parasympathetic Nervous System can be thought of as a brake.

Parasympathetic Nervous System is primarily concerned with....

Housekeeping chores of the body....

*Digestion of food
*Excretion of wastes

*Also helps control vision and conserve energy by reducing cardiac work.

*Drugs are used primarily for the GI tract, bladder, & eye, but sometimes used for the heart and lungs.

How does the Parasympathetic Nervous System promote a "rest and digest" response?

*During accommodation focuses eye for near vision & constricts the pupil
*Slow the heart rate
*Stimulates salivary gland secretion & gastric secretion increasing peristalsis via dilation blood vessels to GI tract
*Constricts bronchial smooth muscle when O2 need diminished
*Empties bladder and bowel
*Stimulates sexual arousal & erection of genitals

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