Coombs - Asexual / Sexual Reproduction

asexual reproduction
type of reproduction with 1 parent and offspring are genetically identical; examples - binary fission, budding, vegetative
sexual reproduction
type of reproduction with 2 parents and offspring are genetically diverse/different
binary fission
type of asexual reproduction; common in bacteria; cell splits into 2 new cells of equal size that are genetically the same
type of asexual reproduction; common in hydra and yeast; minature version of parent grows genetically the same and separates
vegetative reproduction
type of asexual reproduction; common in plants
cell division that takes place in eukaryotic cells; chromosome number stays same; ex: 2n -- 2n; think "toes" since toes are part of your body and mitosis is reproduction of body cells
process that leads to formation of genetically different gametes (sex cells like sperm and egg); crossing over happens; chromosome number reduced by half; ex: 2n -- n
process where sperm and egg unite during sexual reproduction and form a zygote; ex: n + n = 2n
body cell
any cell that IS NOT a sex cell; ex: skin cell; hair cell; muscle cell; bone cell; wing cell
sex cell
also called gametes; only have single set (n) of chromosomes; used in sexual reproduction during fertilization to form a zygote
also called sex cell; ex: sperm and egg; have single set (n) of chromosomes
2n cell that forms after fertilziation when sperm and egg unite