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relational operator

<, >, ==, !=, <=, >=

simple statement

A statement such as balance = balance - amount; is called a ___________________.


A predicate method returns a _______ value.


The length of an empty string


A program ____________________ consists of messages that show the path of execution.

compareTo method

The ___________ compares strings in dictionary order.

block statement

The purpose of a(n) ____________________ is to group several statements together to form a single statement.


Boolean variables are sometimes called ____, because they can have only two states: "up" and "down."


The ____________________ reference indicates that a string variable refers to no string at all.


Java has _______ relational operators

compound statement

A statement that contains other statements, such as if(x >= 0) y = z; is called a _______________

logical operator

An operator that combines test conditions is called a(n) ____.


The || operator means


The ____________________ type has two values: true and false.


Used to test for null.


The "NOT" operator


The AND operator


The OR operator


The "test" in an if statement

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