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what are the features of civilization
social classes, writing, art, government, and religion (SWAGR)
how did civilization appear in Mesopotamia
civilization appeared in Mesopotamia because of the surplus of crops. people began to work as other things besides farming (specialization). for example people need tools and pottery
why do Kings engage in empire
Kings engage in empire because they want to receive tribute or payment from citizens. they also get land, power, tax money, and people have to pay tolls.
where can many aspects of the Gilgamesh epic be found
many aspects of the Gilgamesh epic can be found in the Old Testament. for example
Who was Hammurabi and what was his role?
Hammurabi Was a king who set up Hammurabi's code of laws. The code of laws limited the power of the king and everyone had to follow them.
what is Carnellian and lapis lazuli
Carnellian (red)and lapis lazuli (blue) are semi precious gems that people traded for sheep goats and pigs
what is a ziggurat
a ziggurat is a pyramid shaped structure with a temple on top. ziggurats are built for a particular god or goddess
what is cuneiform
one of the earliest forms of writing using wedge shape marks cut into Clay
Who were enlil and Ishtar?
enlil and Ishtar are gods. enlil is god of wind and Ishtar is the god of fertility, love, and war.
what are the hanging Gardens of Babylon and who ordered them to be built?
The hanging Gardens of Babylon is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. King Nebuchadnezzar ordered it built for his wife because she was homesick.
name 3 Sumerian contributions
1) sailboat 2)geometry 3)wheel
what do rivers provide
give: irrigation, fertilization, transportation&trade, surplus which leads to specialization
between what two Rivers was Mesopotamia located?
tigris & Euphrates
how did people get food
hunters (meat) gatherers(vegetation)
what were abodes
abodes were temporary tents or caves that Sumerians lived in.
Who are craftsmen and artisans
Craftsmans and artisans made pottery, weaved, made tools, weapons etc.
how are cities formed
cities formed because people began to gather. purchase or trade goods markets sprung up and soon cities were developed
what are the characteristics of a city state
1. government monarchy
2. walled city (mud brick) gates close at night & war
3. religion-polytheism
name the social groups& who were in each
upper-class: Kings, officials, priests, high-ranking warriors
middle class: merchants, fishers, farmers, artisans
lower-class: slaves (most were captured in war)
Who was Sargon
King of the Akkadians. created the first empire by conquering all the peoples of Mesopotamia. is empire lasted 200 years
what was one of the most famous laws from Hammurabi's code of laws
an eye for an eye
Who are the Assyrians
they had iron weapons which could shatter bronze weapons. they took over from the north and conquered Mesopotamia. There were fierce warriors yet they built the first library at the Capitol of neneveh
Who are the Chaldeans
they conquered Mesopotamia from the Assyrians. King Nebuchadnezzar rebuilt Babylon making it the richest and largest known city
Who were the Persians
they later conquered Babylon making it part of their empire