ServSafe Chapters 12 & 13

Which method is best for ensuring correct concentration of a chemical sanitizer in a 3-compartment sink?
a. adding more solution every 4 hours
b. testing using an appropriate stripe
c. changing the solution at the end of each
d. checking the color of the solution frequently
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The last job of the shift is putting away cleaning tools and supplies. The tools are cleaned, the broom is hung on a hook, and the mop is stored in a bucket in the supply closet. Which is performed incorrectly?
a. the broom is hung on a hook
b. the mop is stored in a bucket
c. the tools are cleaned but not sanitized
d. all tasks are preformed correctly
What method of pest control can a person in charge or staff member perform?
a. installing electrical insect control devices above food prep areas
b. routinely inspecting incoming shipments of food or supplies for insects
c. using predators such as cats or snakes to patrol the operation while closed
d. regulatory spraying poison in places insects or rodents may roam or nest
Which is a sign of pest infestation? a. an opening around a pipe under the handwashing sink b. dropping around baseboards in the prep area c. rips in the screen door d. an air gapb.Food, water, and shelter will NOT attract insects and rodents if recyclables are stored in a(n): a. dry-storage room b. garbage compactor area c. clean, pest-proof container d. chemical storage unitc.