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"A Force Que..."

"a force que"

"by force, dint, power or intensity"

a force qu'il a mangé

because he ate so much


fell over

attrapé un point

caught a pain

la flùte

the champagne glass

la chanteuse

the female opera singer

s'a mouillé

it rained


I hope or wish


tumbled down


to open secretly


to meow

très privée

very private


gobbled down (with plural noun)

les carencros

the carrion birds

la carcasse

the carcass

la charogne

the dead and putrid animal

les chevals, chevaux

the horses (Cajuns use both)


to hire

dompter, adoucir

to tame (make sweeter)

la rosée

the dew


balky (with plural noun)


thick (mas., fem.)

au matin

at the morning

le linge

the clothes

la corde à linge

the clothes line

pendant la nuit

during the night

le pilleur

the looter

le pillard

the looter (mas.)

au blanc

in exposing

tremper, humecter

to dampen


to rain

le constable

the constable, police

le jeun homme

the young man

à jeun (pas à jeun)

sober (not sober)


to dissipate

sa veuve

his widow

voulait bâtir (3rd person present indicative)

wanted to build

une coverture

a roof

des merrains

the long wooden shingles

des bardeaux

some shingles

des gros boeufs

some big bulls (oxen)

pour haler

to pull, haul

les wagons (w is pronounced as w, not v)

the wagons

de grands prairies

of big prairies

les mulets

the mules

il est l'heure

it is time (the hour)

fermer, fremer

to close


you (Cajuns prefer to use at times yet single verb used with it.)

se dégoûter

to disgust oneself

cette charade

this small talk

la chatte

the feline

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