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Social Studies

Ch. 23
Austia-Hungry, Germany, and Italy
Triple Alliance
Britain, France, and Russia
Triple Entente
Established Draft
Selective Service Act
Produced American propaganda
Commitee on Public Information
Signed by Allies and Germany
Treaty of Versailles
A feeling of intense loyalty to one's country or group is called...
In the early 1900's as European nations competed for colonies, they created an atmosphere of...
An understanding between nations is called...
and entente
What was the most dramatic new weapon of World War 1?
What German weapon changed the course of the war?
Not one American soldier bound for Europe was lost to submarine attacks because of...
After declaring war on Germany, Americans immediately began..
People who believe industries should be publicly woned are called...
People opposed to the use of violence are called...
Of the Fourteen Points, the one Woodrow Wilson considered the most important concerned...
The League of Nations
Vladimir Lenin
Agreement to end fighting
Antiwar group
Woment's Peace Party
Opposed the Treaty of Versailles
Henry Cabot Lodge
Woodrow Wilson's peace plan
Fourteen Points
People who share a common language and traditions are part of the same...
ethnic group
Defense agreements among nations are called
Alliance systems
Germany's invasion of wchich country caused Britain to enter the war?
Which body joined the Central Powers because it had fought Russia in the past and feared new aggression?
Ottoman Empire
Which country joined the Allies because it was a rival of Germany?
Russia surrendered Poland with the...
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
To ensure production of vital war materials and resolve labor disputes, the government created the
National War Labor Board
world WAr 1 cost the United States about
$32 billion
The Treaty of Versailles split up the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the...
Russian Empire
Which country fought in the war but did not sign the Treaty of Versailles?
United States
What 2 countries challenged the power structure in Europe in the early 1900's?
Italy and Germany
Build up of military strength is known as what?
What nation had the world's largest navy in the early 1900's?
Great Britain
What nations were parts of the Triple Alliance?
Germany, Austria-Hungry, and Italy
What nations were part s of the Triple Entente?
Great Britain, France, and Russia
A system that prevents one nation from becoming too powerful and dominating others is known as what?
Balance of power
What area of Europe was a hotbed of tension between nations adn ethnic groups?
Balkan Peninsula
What was "the spark" that set the whole thing off?
The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Germany backed what country's decision to go to war against Serbia?
Who came to Serbia's aid after war is declared?
Germany then declares war on what two nations in early 1914?
Russia and France
How did Great Britain end up in the war?
Great Britain had pledged to protect neutral Belgium, and when Germany invaded Belgium, Great Britain was drawn in to the war.
Great Britain, France, and Russia made up what group?
the Allied Powers or Allies
Germany,Austri-Hungary, and the ottoman Empire made uip what group?
The Central Powers
WHere did the German advance to Paris stop in 1914?
The Marne River
What provided most of the protection at the front lines for the soldiers?
What was the major German offensive in 1916?
the Battle of the Verdun
how many French and German soldiers died during this offensive?
More than 750,000
What was the major British and French offensive in 1916?
the Battle of the Somme
What was the new weapon used by the Germans in April 1915?
Poisonous gas
What new weapon used that helped soldiers cross battle lines?
Armored tank
How did this new weapon help these soldiers cross the lines?
They crushed the barbed wire, making it easier for advancing troops.
What is a "dogfight"?
Airplanes dueling in the sky
Name two famous pilots from WW2?
"The Red Baron"-Baronvon Richthofen adn Eddie Rickenbacker.
What is a "U-Boat"?
What is Propaganda?
Information designed to influence public opinion.
How did France and ENgland finance WW1?
They borrowed money from the US.
What happened May 7, 1915 off the coast of Ireland?
A British passenger ship, the LUsitanian, was sunk by a German U-boat.
What was the "Sussex Pledge"?
Gernamy promised to warn passenger and merchant ships before they attack.
What was the Democratic campaign slogan for the 1916 presidential campaign?
"He Kept Us Out Of War"
What did Germany announce in Jnuary 1917?
It was revoking, or ending, the Sussex Pledge, and would sink all merchant ships that sailed to/from Allied Ports.
What was the Zimmerman Telegram?
A secret telegram from Germany to Mexico, trying to urge mexico to go to war against the US. in return, Mexico would get back lost territories of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The Telegram was intercepted by tthe British.
What is an Autocracy?
A country ruled by one person with unlimited power.
What did the Selective Service Act do?
It established a pool of men eliible for a military draft in the Us.
HOw many men were called to service in WW1?
About 3 million
What roles did women serve in the armed forces?
Radio operators, clerks adn nurses.
Who was the first American to receive the French Cross of War?
Henry Johnson
Why was the convoy system of destroyers necessary?
To stop the Germans form sinking supply ships headed to England.
What group takes control of Russia in 1917.
The Bolsheviks
Who was their Leader?
Vladimir Lenin
What was the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?
A Peace trety between Russia and Germany, that took Russia out of WW1.
This treaty allowed Germany to do what?
Move the troops from the Eastern Front, by Russia tto th eWE Western Front, in FRance.
What was the AEF?
American Expeditionary Force, Led by Gen. John J. Pershing.
Where did the AEF see their first serious fighting?
Chateau Thierry
What was the nickname given to American soldiers during WW1?
What battle led the Germans to the realization that their country might be invaded?
The Battle of Argonne Forest/
What is an armistice?
An agreement to end fighting
What were the 4 conditions of Wilson's armistice?
Germany must...
1. Accept the terms for peace
2. Promise not to renew hostilities
3. Remove troo[s from Belgium and France
4. Have civilian leaders, not military leaders, negotiate peace.
Who was forced to give up his throne in Germany in November 1917?
Kaiser Wilhelm 2
When did the armistice begin>
November 11, 1918 at 11 am.
What is mobilization?
the gathering of resources and preparation for war.
What are LIberty Bonds?
War bonds sold to the american people to help raise money for the war.
What was the goal of the Food Dministration?
To enccourage farmers to produce more food and the public to eat less
Limiting the use of items is known as what?
What was the mission of the Committee on Public Information?
To persuade the American people the war was for democracy and freedom.
How did the Committee on Public Info go about their mission?
They passed out pamphlets, books and new articles they gave govt accounts of the war. they used actors, writers, authors and other to give short speeches to build support for the war.
To be in opposition to a policy or belief is known as what?
What is the Great Migration?
The mass movement of the African American population from the rural south to the cities of the north.
Name two groups that sided with the Central Powers.
German Americans and irish Americans
What do socialist believe?
that all industry should be Puplicly owned
People who oppose violence, even during a war are known as what?
What did the Sabotage Act and Sedition Act do?
Made it illegal to say, Print, or write anything that might be perceived as negative toward the govt
How many soldiers lost their lives in WW1?
About how many soldiers lost their lives in WW1?
about 9 million
Name 2 problems that complicated the search for peace in Europe after WW1?
Social and Political Turmoil.
President Wilson's vision for a 'just and lasting peace' was known as what?
The 14 Points
What is self-Deternimation?
Then right to choose how you want to be governed/
What did President Wilson hope would help preserve the peace and prevent futre wars?
he League of Nations
What major countries were not invited into the Paris Peace Conference?
Germany and Russia
Who were the Big Four?
US President Woodrow Wilson, British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, French Premier Georges Clemenceauk and Italian Prime Minisster Vitorio Orlando.
Who wanted to make sure that Germany never invaded France again?
French Premier Clemenceau
What are reparations?
Payments for damages caused by the war
What 2 nations wanted Germany to pay large sums in reparations?
France and GReat Britain
What was the peace trety signed on June 28, 1919 called?
The TReaty of Versailles
What shocked Germany about the peace treaty?
How harsh it was
What were the four points of the treaty for Germany?
Germany had to...
1. Accept full responsibility for the war.
2. Pay billions in reparations
3. Disarm totallyy
4. Give up all colonial territories
What happened to Austria-Hungary and Russia because of the treaty?
They were divided up to create new nations and restore old ones.
Who was the most outspoken critic of the treay?
US senator Henry Cabot LLodge
What happened to President Wilson hope would correct the problem with the treaty?
The League of Nations
Who was the most outspoken critic of the treaty?
US Senator Henry Cabot Lodge
What happened to President Wilson on September 25,1919?
He collapsed while giving seeches to rally support for the treaty
What happened to this treaty and its provisions in the Senate in March 1920?
The treaty was rejected
What did the US do in 1921 to the CEntral Powers?
The US signed separeate peace treaties with each Central Powers nation
Did the US ever join the League of Nations?