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Ch 33 - Topical and Inhalant Medications

topical route

administration of medications to the skin or mucous membranes

cutaneous application

drugs rubbed into or placed in contact with the skin


medication incorporated into an agent (ointment, oil, lotion or cream)

transdermal application

method of applying a drug on the skin and allowing it to become passively absorbed

skin patches

drugs bonded to an adhesive bandage and applied to the skin


contains a drug within a thick base and is applied but not rubbed into the skin

ophthalmic application

method of applying drugs onto the mucous membrane of one or both eyes

otic application

a drug instilled in the outer ear

rebound effect

swelling of the nasal mucosa within a short time of drug administration

sublingual application

drug placed under the tongue

buccal application

drug placed against the mucous membranes of the inner cheek

inhalant route

administers drugs to the lower airways


mist -- results after a liquid drug is forced through a narrow channel using pressurized air or an inert gas


handheld devices for delivering medication into the respiratory passages

metered-dose inhaler

canister that contains medication under pressure


chamber attached to an inhaler

turbo inhaler

propeller driven device that spins and suspends a finely powdered medication

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