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Topical & Inhalant Medications

Ch 33 - Topical and Inhalant Medications
topical route
administration of medications to the skin or mucous membranes
cutaneous application
drugs rubbed into or placed in contact with the skin
medication incorporated into an agent (ointment, oil, lotion or cream)
transdermal application
method of applying a drug on the skin and allowing it to become passively absorbed
skin patches
drugs bonded to an adhesive bandage and applied to the skin
contains a drug within a thick base and is applied but not rubbed into the skin
ophthalmic application
method of applying drugs onto the mucous membrane of one or both eyes
otic application
a drug instilled in the outer ear
rebound effect
swelling of the nasal mucosa within a short time of drug administration
sublingual application
drug placed under the tongue
buccal application
drug placed against the mucous membranes of the inner cheek
inhalant route
administers drugs to the lower airways
mist -- results after a liquid drug is forced through a narrow channel using pressurized air or an inert gas
handheld devices for delivering medication into the respiratory passages
metered-dose inhaler
canister that contains medication under pressure
chamber attached to an inhaler
turbo inhaler
propeller driven device that spins and suspends a finely powdered medication