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  1. osmosis
  2. selectively premeable
  3. chlorophyll
  4. amino acids
  5. nucleic acids
  1. a small molecules that make up proteins
  2. b diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane
  3. c when some substances are allowed to pass through the cell membrane while others are not
  4. d main ingredient found in chloroplasts
  5. e contain the instructions that cells need to carry out all the functions of life

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  1. a type of protein that speeds up a chemical reaction.
  2. a doubled rod of condensed chromatin
  3. An energy releasing process that does not require oxygen
  4. large organic molecules made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sometimes sulfur
  5. The smallest unit of an element

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  1. elementa colored chemical compound that absorbs light


  2. respirationthe process by which cells withdraw energy from glucose


  3. chromatideach identical rod, or strand, or the chromosome


  4. organic compoundscompounds that do not contain carbon


  5. pigmenta colored chemical compound that absorbs light