12 terms


excitement phase
the first stage; characterized by a boner in males and a swelling of the clitoris and vaginal lubrication in women
plateau phase
the second stage; muscle tension and blood flow to the genitals increase in preparation for orgasm
the third stage; maked by a sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension and involuntary muscle contractions (.8 seconds apart)
final stage; the body return to an unaroused stage
males need sufficient level to maintain sexual interest and erection; women also need a little bit; lack of sexual desire can be attributed to low levels
sexual learning
any stimulus that becomse associate with genital touch and orgasm can become a conditioned stimulus that motivates sexual activity
sexual scripts
socially learned ways of responding in sexual situations
evolutionary psychology of sex
men have a smaller investment in reproduction than woman an so they seek out more partners
it is a biologically based drive that is not homeostatic; arousal is pleasurable and so it is sought out
masters and johnson
they showed that men and women are similar in sexual response; they both experience vasocongestion and myotonia
blood engorgement
muscle tension and contraction