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Lit little women final (edits of Kylie's quizlet by Abby & Anastasia)


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Do the Marches have a good family situation?
(This question is one u can go both ways on, as long as u have support)
>no, their dad is off at war, and they are very poor; but they still have a good spirit.
>Yes, even though their dads at war, they are very close to each other and supportive, and understand that their dad is gone because of an extremely important cause. The four girls and Marmee love and respect each other immensely, and don't live daily in bitterness and regret because their dad is gone, so I believe thats a perfect family situation :)
You have now been introduced to the March sisters; what are their personality types, their flaws, and their strengths?
Amy is artistic, Beth is compassionate, gentle, and the peacemaker, Jo is a TomBoy, fun, a skilled writer and actor, and hardworking, and Meg is mature, a great singer, and beautiful. Amy wants to be prettier with a better nose, and is always looking for attention from others. Beth is very shy, and sometimes non-social and detached from the rest of the world. Jo is VERY short-tempered. Meg wants to be rich again and is jealous of those who are.
What future conflicts might happen among the girls?
Jealeousy, wanting more than they need; and not being more content with what they have. Also, If jo doesn't learn to control her temper, it can lead to more fights between her and her sisters and others.
Does Laurie have a good family situation?
he always is alone in the house sometimes; He doesn't have a mother and father that are present in his life. Still, he has a fairly close relationship with his father, but his family situation is weak compared to that of the Marches (I didn't think that his grandpa was against him pursuing music, but I could definitely be wrong)
How do the Marches Deal with their poverty?
They play games from their childhood and act in plays, they also give back what they have to the even poorer. They also don't spend money on things they could make themselves, and for the most part make do with only basic necessities.
What are Laurie's strengths and weaknesses?
He is fortunately smart, curious, and polite. However, he is shy with new people, like when he's at dances. Plus, he is sometimes to studious and often forgets to just have fun in life.
What are Laurie's grandfather's strengths and weaknesses?
He is compassionate and gentle. Unfortunately, he can come off as being gruff, strong, stern, mean and grouchy when you first meet him, and just overall intimidating.
What is Jo's "Apollyon" in chapter 8, and what is the outcome?
Jo's "Apollyon" is her quick temper, and it causes Amy to become furious with her, which then causes Amy to burn Jo's manuscript and writings, which causes Jo to become SUPER mad at Amy, which causes Amy to fall in ice while ice skating on a lake! :) Eventually, however, the two forgive each other
How does Meg deal with her temptations in Ch 9?
While at her friends mansion, Meg is tempted to dress like a very wealthy girl, flirt constantly, drink, and behave out of her "social class" Meg falls into the temptation, but realizes she was wrong when Laurie goes to one of the parties she's at and tells her how ridiculously she's acting. Meg also realizes her falling into temptation was wrong when she hears what people are saying about her and her mother's intentions for her and Laurie. (About marriage, but her mom wasn't trying to arrange anything, so what she heard was a lie, but still affects her)