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when atoms combine, interactions occur between their ___________


when electrons are shared, the type of bonding is called


the bonds that link many water molecules together to form a water group are_____


six electrons in its n. = 2 shell will become an ion with a charge of


the heat needed for chemical reaction to take place

activation energy

u substance which helps a reaction to take place but does not take an active part is an


a catalyst for chemical reactions in biological system


The signed number telling how many electrons an atom will usualy recieve or lose


subatomic particles that lack an electrc charge


ID the type of chemical reaction: H (2)CO(3) to H(2)O + CO(2)

decomposition--one thing breaking down into 2 things

NH(3)+H(2)O to NH(4)OH

synthesis- two things into one

H(2)SO(4)+2kOH to k2so4+2H20


The four most abundant elements in the body are

Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen

The type of chemical bond formed when oppositely charged ions attract each other is called


A compound which produces H+ions in solution is a


Neutrality on the pH scale


All organic molecules contain the

element carbon

Substances which maintain a body's pH within narrow limits are called _____


The products and reactants of a versible reaction will form at the same rate when equilibrium is


what is expected when reactants break bonds?

energy output

an reaction occurs when a molecule is formed from the bonding of

atoms, ions or simpler molecules

an reaction occurs

when the bonds of the reactings compounds are broken and new combinations are formed

( true/False) a plant must supply energy through photosynthesis in order for its complex startch molecules to turn to simple sugar


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