F.3 Success Textbook Unit 1


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delighted (adj)
very pleased
raise (v)
effort (n)
the result of an attempt
donation (n)
when money or goods are given to help a person or an organization
badge (n)
a small piece of metal, plastic, cloth, etc. with words or a picture on it, that is pinned or sewn to your clothing, often to show your support for a political organization or belief, or your rank, or membership of a group, etc
proceeds (n)
the amount of money received from a particular event or activity or when something is sold
target (v)
select as an object of attention or attack
beat a record (phr)
(3 words) do or be better than
fun-filled (adj)
providing much enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure
fund (n)
a sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose
in support of (phr)
(3 words) assist
impaired (adj)
festive mood (n phr)
(2 words) a happy or joyful atmosphere that derives from or is related to a festival
get the best out of (phr)
(5 words) make someone/something perform to the best of their abilities
stand out (phr v)
(2 words) be easily noticeable
slogan (n)
a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising
big-faced (adj)
to describe watches that have big dials
jersey (n)
a shirt which is worn by a member of a sports team
serve (v)
be enough for
dare (modal v)
have the courage to do something
clownish (adj)
look like a clown; funny
polka dots (phr)
(2 words) a pattern consisting of an array of filled circles
hand-paint (v)
paint by hand
occasion (n)
a particular event, or the time at which it takes place