Urinary Organs

What kind of peritoneal are the kidneys, ureters, bladder?
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Discuss the left renal vein and right renal vein in excruciating detail. (where in relation to other vessels do they run (aorta, SMA, renal artery), what other vessels meet up before draining into the IVC)Discuss the embryology of the kidney. What does it consist of? What do those things eventually become?When does the mesonephros start working? What is it functionally? What does it become?What does the metanephros become?Describe the movement of the gonads and kidneys as the mesonephros begins to disappear. What week does this happen?In regards to the renal arteries, what is a common anomaly you may see? (think development)You may see extra renal arteries. As the kidneys ascend during development, the inferior renal arteries should disappear as the superior ones form. Sometimes that does not happen and you get extra renal arteries.Do the kidneys and adrenal gland ascend together?No, the adrenal gland is already superior. The kidney ascends and meets it.What kind of structures are ureters? Describe how they course in relation to the psoas muscles and renal vessels. What are they surrounded by? How does it run in relation to the genitofemoral nerve, gonadal vessels, and the common or external iliac artery?What are the 3 constriction sites of the ureter?Abdominal, pelvic, and bladder wall part.What is the blood supply of the proximal and distal ureter? Venous drainage?What are the specific blood supplies to the Upper, Middle, and Lower parts of the ureter?In males, where does the vas deferens pass in relation to the ureter? Where does the ureter enter the bladder?In females, where does the uterer pass in relation to the following structures: Uterine artery Ovarian vessels/nerves Internal Iliac OvaryWhat kind of peritoneal is the bladder? What are the parts of the bladder?What is the trigone?What is the structure posterior to the bladder but anterior the rectum?UterusWhat is the blood supply of the bladder?[Embryology] What is the cloaca divided by? What is it divided into?[Embryology] What is the urogenital sinus divided into? What is the significance of each section?Vesical=bladder Pelvic=urethra Phallic=genitalWhat is the male urethra derived from?EndodermWhat are the 4 parts of the urethra?Preprostatic: Bladder neck to prostate Prostatic: in prostate Membranous: within urogenital diaphragm Spongy: distal part of the urethraWhy can you stick a needle suprapubically to drain urine?The bladder is extraperitoneal and you don't have to worry about hitting anything critical like the gut!What is the blood supply of the first two parts of the urethra? What are these two parts called?What is the blood supply of the last two parts of the urethra? What are these two parts called?What is the female urethra derived from? Does it communicated with the reproductive tract? How does this differ from males? What is the relationship of the urethra in comparison to the vagina?Male urethra has communication with reproductive tract!What bladder pathology is associated with pelvic fractures? Where does this usually occur?Extraperitoneal bladder ruptureWhat is an intraperitoneal bladder rupture? What is a common cause of this? Where does injury usually happen? Where will you see it on imaging?Ruptures intraperitonealy. Can happen when you are holding your pee for too long and then get in a car accident and it ruptures.What layer of fascia are the suprarenal glands in? Ureter?Suprarenal: pararenal Ureter: perirenal (which is in Gerota's fascia)