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Technical Administration

CM Basic Vol 1

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Maintenance Supervisor
- Senior mechanic. Usually a senior chief
- Responsible for maintenance program for all assigned CESE
- Enforce all maintenance policies
- Approve all repair actions
- Supervise PM program
- Control shop tools and kits
Shop Supervisor
- Senior, chief, or first class
- Responsible for quality of maintenance/repair by personnel within
- Ensure ERO (equipment Repair Order) is complete within length of time, initials, material list
Crew Leader
- Second or senior third class PO
- Ensure the job gets done
- Determine which member of crew does what, which tools/parts are required, ID safety precautions, priority of the job
- Job = "baby"
- Report to shop supervisor
- Examine equipment for needed repairs and services
- Work directly for and responsible to maintenance sup
- First or senior second class PO
- Must be knowledgeable and proficient in rate
- Must be able to describe repair action on ERO clearly
- Review history jacket, previous ERO, DTO file
Cost Control Supervisor
- First class
- Responsible for admin control of equipment maintenance program
- Works directly for and responsible to Maintenance supervisor
- Supervises PM clerk, DTO clerk, tool custodian, technical librarian
- Draft all maintenance related correspondence
- Completes EROs
Preventive Maintenance Clerk
- Controls the PM program directed by maintenance supervisor
- Places all CESE into PM groups, prepares PM schedule, maintain PM record cards with PM history jacked
- Controls EROs, maintains ERO logs, history jackets, update equipment status board
- Summarizes total cost of repairs/labor
Direct Turnover Clerk
- DTO maintains shop's repair parts status
- Liason b/w supply office and shop
- Maintain DTO log for NIS and NC material
Technical Librarian
- Responsible for manuals
- Establish and reinforce check-out procedures
Organizational Maintenance
- Responsibility of and performed by EO
- Scheduled PM services are performed by trained personnel
- Consists of: proper equipment operation, safety, serviceability inspection, lub, minor adjustments
- Divided into operator maintenance and PM
Operator Maintenance
- Include inspections before, during, and after operations, periodic lubrication and adjustment
- Ensure early detection of deficiencies
- Maximize equipment availability
- Minimize repair cost
Intermediate Maintenance
- Designated to a maintenance shop
Depot Maintenance
- Equipment overhaul
- Comprehensive restoration to "like new" condition
PM Inspection types
Type A (01): 40 working days. Performed on PM due date until CESE is qualified for Type B
Type B (02): Based on manufacturer's recommendations/specifications based on milage/hours
Type C (03): Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) as per manufacturer's specificaitons