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abnormality in the nerve centers of the brain
S- Seizure can be #1
S- Seizure can be #2
convulsive S
involuntary m. contractions
S result from #8
____ result from fever,head injury,brain tumor,meningitis,hypoglycimia,® overdose,withdrqaw or poisoning
chronic and recurent seizures, most common of all neurologic d/o
epilepsy etiology
by sudden discharge of excessive electrical energy from nerve cells to the brain
generalized seizure affect
affect both hemispheres of the brain- loss of consciousness
partial S
simple, complex s/s; occure in one hemisphere
complex S cause...
___cause change in consciousness
simple S and complex S can change into
______can change into generalized S
secondary generation
simple and complex s change into generalized S
generalized convulsive S#1
tonic clonic S (grand mal)
generalized convulsive S#2
atonic S
generalized convulsive S#3
myoclonic S
most common type of S is
__is tonic clonic
tonic phase
intenseve m. contractions;1.fall to the graund; 2.lose consc;3. back arch;arms flex;legs extend;teeth clench;foam saliva,respir. stop-acynosis; lasts 20-60 sec.
clonic phase
bilaterally simmetric jerks/relaxations;progress gradually; bite tongue,incontinent; lasts 60sec/2-3 hrs sleep
postictal state (T-C S)
recovery phase, resting sleep-2-3 hours;can't remember
status epilepticus
repidly recurring generalized S w/o chance to recover between S
status epilepticus can couse
___can cause permanent nerve damage and death
atonic S= drop attack
sudden loss of m. tone
dropp attack s/s
head drop,limb drop,slumping to the ground; loss of consc,-short
atonic S !!!
high injury risk!!!- protective headgear
Myoclonic S¶
lightning-like repetitive contr of the voluntary m. of the trunk,face,extrimities, fall risk!
Myoclonic S ocur most often
______ocur most often AT NIGHT ,IN SLEEP
generalized nonconvulsive S and most common S is s/s of
is absence (petit mal) epilepsy
absence (petit mal) epilepsy occur
___ occur in children, disappear in puberty or develop a second type of S
absence (petit mal) epilepsy attack #7
___ is ∧s in consc 5-20sec.staring into space; rhitmic movement of the eyes or head,lip smacking,mumbling,chewing,swallowing movements,no memory of events
partial/ localized S subdivided #1
___subdivided into SIMPLE MOTOR SEIZURE involve localized convulsions of voluntary m.
partial simple motor S s/s
body part start jerking, m. spasm can end spontaneous or spread; no lose consciousnes
partial complex s/s S #4
normal appearence; unusual chewing; lip smecking, swallowing movement, confused, dreamlike state,
attacks of partial complex S occur
___ occur several times/day,last several minutes;no memory of event