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History: Third Quarter Exam

How was the Harlem Renaissance described?
The flowering of the African-American culture
Name three Harlem Renaissance musicians:
1. Duke Ellington
2. Louis Armstrong
3. Bessie Smith
The invasion of what country started World War 2?
How many years after the start of World War 2 in Europe was it before the U.S. joined?
2 years
What caused the Great Depression? (list 4 factors)
1. People over-speculated on margin in the stock market
2. Banks failed
3. There was over-production of goods
4. There were high tariffs
Who improved the assembly line when making the Model-T car?
Henry Ford
What was the name of the famous female artist in the 1920s-30s who painted pictures of the Southwest and flowers?
Georgia O'Keefe
Who flew in an airplane from Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903?
The Wright brothers
Who was the family African American poet from the Harlem Renaissance?
Langston Hughes
Where does the artistic expression of African Americans during the Harlem Renaissance get traced back to?
Their culture
What happened to Europe as a result of World War 1 in terms of its economy and its political system?
1. The economy was devastated
2. The political system became unstable
How were the lives of Americans impacted during the Great Depression - list 3 things
1. Banks and businesses failed - which caused people to lose their jobs
2. So people's incomes fell to very, very low levels
3. So many people lost their homes (homeless) and went hungry ... couldn't pay for food
What country went from being an Axis Power during World War 2 to being an Allied Power in 1941?
List some of the major features of the New Deal:
1. increased rights for labor
2. creation of work programs like WPA, PWA, CCC, TVA, & AAA
3. creation of FDIC to protect banks
What did affordable automobiles lead to in the U.S.? (list 3 things)
1. greater mobility and movement
2. creation of jobs
3. people moving out to the suburbs
Why did the U.S. join in World War 2?
Because of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor (Hawaii)
What is a 'secondary source'
Information you hear about from someone or somewhere else
Define 'isolationism'
When a nation keeps to itself in terms of foreign affairs
Who was the leader of Germany during World War 1?
Who was the leader of Italy during World War 1?
Who was the leader of Japan during World War 1?
What was John Steinbeck's book, "The Grapes of Wrath" about? When did he write it?
Migrant workers - he wrote it in the 1930s during the Great Depression
What Allied country was almost taken by Germany during World War 1, and then was taken by Germany in the early parts of World War 2?
What was the name of the treaty that ended World War 1?
The Treaty of Versailles
What was the name of the places people would go to drink during Prohibition?
What was "the Great Migration"
When African Americans moved North and West after the Civil War (from the South) to look for jobs and a place where there was less discrimination
What was the name of the artist who painted pictures of the Great Migration?
Jacob Lawrence
What does the WPA stand for? What did it do?
Works Progress Administration - hired people to build hospitals, schools, parks and airports; hired artists, writers and musicians
What does the CCC stand for? What did it do?
Civilian Conservation Corps - hired young men to plant trees and build bridges
What does the AAA stand for? What did it do?
Agricultural Adjustment Act - it raised farm prices quickly AND controlled farm production (paid farmers to NOT grow certain crops)
What does the TVA stand for? What did it do?
Tennessee Valley Authority - built dams to provide cheap electric power to seven Southern states; set up schools and health centers
What does the FDIC stand for? What did it do?
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - insured savings accounts in banks approved by the government (protect them from failing again)