Pressure Volume Assessment- CardioRush

What is a normal pulse pressure?
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What does the central venous pressure, as evaluated by the jugular vein, tell us?Pressure in RATrue or false: A patient has low BP and you do a hepatojugular reflux test to evaluate the jugular vein. It remains distended for longer than normal and it is enlarged most of the way up the neck. Should you give fluids to help BP?No (Fluid overload is already present and won't help increase BP)True or false: thoracic radiographs aren't helpful in evaluating fluid balanceFalse (Can be a helpful tool)What are some findings on a thoracic radiograph that are consistent with hypovolemia?Small heart size, reduced mediastinal dimension, small pulmonary vessels, flat or collapsed CVC, relatively dark lung fieldsTrue or false: Echocardiography is helpful in assessing fluid balance statusTrueWhat can be we look for on echo to assess volume status of a patient?LA size, LV size, CVC size, hepatic vein sizeWhat findings on an echo suggest the patient is fluid overloaded?Large chambers and vesselsWhat blood chemistry values can be helpful for evaluating fluid balance?BUN, creatinineTrue or false: urine output is a good way to measure fluid balance if the animal has a urinary catheterTrueWhat is the main colloidal osmotic pressure molecule in the blood?AlbuminWhat happens to albumin levels in critical illness?DecreaseWhat are some signs of hypoalbuminemia?Ascites, pleural effusion, peripheral edemaTrue or false: pulmonary edema is likely with hypoalbuminemia aloneFalse (unlikely, lymphatics can usually keep up)True or false: jugular venous pressure is the same as right atrial pressureTrueWhat does a distended and pulsating jugular vein along the length of the neck indicate?RA hypertension, fluid overloadTrue or false: the systolic pressure in the LV should be higher than the pressure in the aorta to allow for proper ejection through the aortic valveFalse (shouldn't be higher, should be the same)True or false: There should not be a pressure drop or increase across valves. That is a sign of abnormalityTrueHow does left sided heart failure lead to pulmonary edema?Increased stiffness of LV causes hypertension in pulmonary vessels, fluid oozes out and lymphatics fall behindHow long after restoring perfusion should blood lactate return to near normal?Within 1 hourWhat does elevated blood lactate usually indicate?Reduced tissue perfusionWhat is pulmonary capillary wedge pressure a reflection of?Left atrial pressureWhat is PCWP useful to discriminate between?Cardiogenic from noncardiogenic pulmonary infiltratesWhat are some areas and things we would use a Swan-Ganz Pulmonary artery catheter to measure pressure?RA, PA, PCWP, cardiac output, blood temperatureHow is the majority of the O2 in the blood transported?HgbTrue or false: if an animal is severely anemic, it is better to put then in an O2 cage with 100% O2 than to give them a blood transfusion to increase their O2 in circulationFalse (If Hgb is already saturated, then more FIO2 won't help, they need more Hgb)