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a pole which is connected to the centerof a wheel

compound machine

a machine made up of more then 1 simple machine


a push or a pull causing objectst ostop, start, slow down, speed up, change direction or change shape


the part of a lever that doesn't move


toothe wheel

inclined plane

a sloping surface, or ramp used to help move things to higher or lower places


a simple machine with 2 main parts: a fulcrum and an arm which moves on the fulcrum


anything that we want to move (resistance)


devices which help us to do work wit hreduced effort


a simple machine made up of a grooved wheel with a rope, belt or chain around it

fixed pully

a pully which changes the diection of the effort

movable pully

a pully which moves up or down with the load


a slopping surface or inclined plane, used to help lift or lower objectes


a simple machine made up of 2 main parts: a stright shaft and a sloping surface wrapped around in a spiral

simple machines

wheel and axil, pully, inclined plane, wedge, lever and screw


a simple machine with 2 surfaces which came together at one point, making a thin and a thick end; 2 inclined planes back to back


a simple machine used to roll a load easily along a surface


we do work whenever we use force to move something (amount of work=effort x distance)

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