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Charge Slip

How to identify how much to chare the patient for each services

be sure all procedures performed have been entered on the charge slip

which of the following tast must mariacomplete first related to entering a patient charge

in pencil until the proff of posting has been complted, then rewrite in pen with blue or black ink

If the medical office uses a manual day sheet, how should Maria enter the total for each column

No additional entries or charges can be made using that date

After all charger have be posted and check, Marie closes the day in the computer system. what dose this mean


if office has maey account, what bank account would Marie use to pay monthy bills

Restrictive endorsement

When deposting a check a stamp with For deposit only on it what type of endorments is this

White viod on check and place it with office bank recoreds

What should be done when a check has a serious mistake that cant be used


How offten should a bank deposited be made

Any bank charges

When reconciling the office checking account every month bank statment, what should be subtrated from period end balance

replenish the petty cash by writing a check for $75.oo on the office checking account

Marie has $5.50 in petty cash drawer whitch of the folling action should she take

cash basis of accounting

Accounting is the term for systematic recording and reporting of financial transaction, the ____________, which is generally used by medical offices


enters income when payment is received for services_____ refers to the process of recording financial transactions and keeping financial records

accounts receivable

Money owed to the practice is called the

account payable

Money owes to other business is called

Petty cash

small amount of cash kept in office is a third type of account often used in office

day sheet

A manual accounting system maintains records using a daily journal call a _____________an account receivable ledger card for each patient, practice as a whole and individual physician and a cumulative record of financial activity for the month. this information is recorded on the day sheet and cumulative totals are carried forward throughout the month


in computerized billing sydstem records are maintained, ehen procedures are performed, charges fot individul patients are entered into the medical billing program and automatically posted to patients account ______ and the daily recoed of transactions ( daysheeta)

charge slip

A charge slip is for keeping track of charges for services and payments made at the time of patient visit

patient name, date of services , any procedures, including office visit

the charge slip contains the

billing encounter form

the total charges and the amount the patient paid is sometimes called

charge slip

The physician checks off the services performed on a ______

fee schedule

the medical assistance enters the amounts for each services using the

charge slip

the charges and payments are enter into the computer program on the basis of the

Each patient has his or her own account

Information is recorded on the patient ledger, which may be separate card in a manual system or a patient account in a computer system

time of services, mail from patient, insurances company

Payments for services performrd can be received in three way


a charge to the patient account that is nither a charge for services nor a payment is called________credit (negative) adjustments reduce the patients balance

Insurances write-off

Discount given ti insurance companies called ________ are called credit adjustment.

Debit Adjustments

Debit (positive) adjustment increase the patient's balance. Charges that are not for medical services are entered as

The day sheet ( daily journal

Keeps a running record of finances transactions related to patient account for each day


Although computer biling programs can create a day sheet, meany practices also keep a mamual day sheet as a

Name, charges, payment, previous balances, adjustment and new balance are

on each line of a day sheet the patients __________entered

complete record

Transaction related tp patients visits, as well as checks received in the mail, are entred on the day sheet if it forms a

Manual day sheet and Computer billing program

At the end of the day, the day is closed, and no futher transaction are posted using that date. This is true both ____ after all columns are total and checked,

Proof of posting

Figures are verifed using _______ for a manual day sheet. These totals may be checked against the computer program to be sure all charges and payments have been entered correctly.

A day sheet or computer billing program

Itemize charges under various heading, sure as the type of procedure performrd or physician who generated the charges

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