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  1. aging rays
  2. malignant melanoma
  3. tumor
  4. inflamed skin disorder
  5. herpes simplex
  1. a a salon should not service a client who is suffering from a
  2. b the UVA rays that are deep-penetrating and can go through a glass window are
  3. c this is the worst type of skin cancer, appearing jagged and raised
  4. d an abnormal cell mass resulting from excessive multiplication of cells
  5. e a contagious recurring viral infection characterized by blisters on the lips or nostrils: fever blister or cold sore

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  1. daily moisturizers or protective lotions should have a sunscreen with an SPF of at least
  2. a chronic skin condition characterized by inflammation of the sebaceous glands is
  3. a crack in the dermis
  4. the chemicals released by the immune system to enlarge the vessels around an injury are
  5. keratin-filled cysts that appear just under the epidermis and have no visible openings are

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  1. extraction procedureswrinkling and sagging of the skin are caused by weakening collagen fibers and


  2. dandruffany thin plate of dry or oily epidermal flakes in the scalp area is referred to as


  3. staindandruff is an example of a _____________


  4. comedonesa spot or blemish spot on the skin that requires medical attention if there is a change is a


  5. asymmetry, border, color, diameteran inflammation of the sebaceous glands characterized by dry or oily crusting or itchiness is


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