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  1. comedones
  2. milia
  3. heredity
  4. acne
  5. pustule
  1. a blackheads....aka____________are filled with keratin and sebum
  2. b an inflamed pimple containing pus
  3. c The signs of aging are influenced by factors such as the sun, health habits, lifestyle, and:
  4. d ______________are small white bumps under the epidermis; resembles sesame seeds
  5. e chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands

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  1. the UV rays of the sun reach the skin in two different forms, which are
  2. wrinkling and sagging of the skin are caused by weakening collagen fibers and
  3. a dry scaly skin condition due to a deficiency or absence of sebum caused by old age or exposure to the cold is
  4. sebum from a comedo exposed to the environment turns black and
  5. The percentage of skin aging that is caused by the rays of the sun is approximately:

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  1. secondary skin lesionswhich type of lesions develops in the later stages of a disease?


  2. moledandruff is an example of a _____________


  3. scar or cicatrixcharacterized by silver white scales covering red patches found on the elbow, scalp, knees, chest and lower back


  4. 3 types: primary, secondary and tertiaryhow many types of lesions are there? and what are their names?


  5. milaria rubra______________are small white bumps under the epidermis; resembles sesame seeds