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  1. inflamed skin disorder
  2. melanin
  3. aging rays
  4. lesion
  5. steatoma
  1. a a mark on the skin
  2. b the UVA rays that are deep-penetrating and can go through a glass window are
  3. c tiny grains of pigment deposited in the stratum germinitivum of the epidermis and the papillary layers of the dermis
  4. d a fatty or sebaceous cyst
  5. e a salon should not service a client who is suffering from a

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  1. this is the worst type of skin cancer, appearing jagged and raised
  2. daily moisturizers or protective lotions should have a sunscreen with an SPF of at least
  3. The percentage of skin aging that is caused by the rays of the sun is approximately:
  4. skin condition caused by an abnormal increase of secretion from the sebaceous glands
  5. an abnormal cell mass resulting from excessive multiplication of cells and varying in size, shape, and color is a

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  1. seborrheic dermatitisan inflammation of the sebaceous glands characterized by dry or oily crusting or itchiness is


  2. fissurea crack in the dermis


  3. scar or cicatrixcharacterized by silver white scales covering red patches found on the elbow, scalp, knees, chest and lower back


  4. comedonessebum from a comedo exposed to the environment turns black and


  5. papulean inflamed pimple containing pus