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  1. 3 types: primary, secondary and tertiary
  2. ulcer
  3. fissure
  4. psoriasis
  5. basal cell carcinoma
  1. a a crack in the dermis
  2. b an open lesion on the skin
  3. c the most common type of skin cancer characterized by light or pearly nodules is
  4. d characterized by silver white scales covering red patches found on the elbow, scalp, knees, chest and lower back
  5. e how many types of lesions are there? and what are their names?

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  1. a disorder of the sweat gland caused by excessive exposure to the heat is
  2. skin discoloration, spot neither raised nor sunken; like a freckle
  3. a salon should not service a client who is suffering from a
  4. wrinkling and sagging of the skin are caused by weakening collagen fibers and
  5. comedones should be removed under aseptic conditions using proper

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  1. tap watersuprisingly, a very common salon irritant is


  2. mineralsUVB rays contribute to the body's synthesis of vitamin D and other important


  3. seborrheaa spot or blemish spot on the skin that requires medical attention if there is a change is a


  4. melanintiny grains of pigment deposited in the stratum germinitivum of the epidermis and the papillary layers of the dermis


  5. tumoran abnormal cell mass resulting from excessive multiplication of cells