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  1. comedones
  2. milaria rubra
  3. fissure
  4. steatoma
  5. scar or cicatrix
  1. a a fatty or sebaceous cyst
  2. b blackheads....aka____________are filled with keratin and sebum
  3. c a crack in the skin that penetrates the dermis is a
  4. d a disorder of the sweat gland caused by excessive exposure to the heat is
  5. e light-colored, slightly raised mark on the skin formed after an injury or lesion

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  1. an open lesion on the skin
  2. a salon should not service a client who is suffering from a
  3. the medical term for abnormal skin inflammation is
  4. a chronic skin condition characterized by inflammation of the sebaceous glands is
  5. a crack in the dermis

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  1. allergic reactionsprolonged or repeated direct skin contact with chemicals has the potential to cause


  2. malignant melanomathis is the worst type of skin cancer, appearing jagged and raised


  3. crusta scab


  4. keloidkeratin-filled cysts that appear just under the epidermis and have no visible openings are


  5. mineralsUVB rays contribute to the body's synthesis of vitamin D and other important