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Vertebral Column
Extending from the skull to the pelvis forms the bodes major axial support. It also surrounds and protests the spinal cord.
How many bones does the Vertebral Column have?
24 single bones
9 fused
What are the bones called in the Vertebral Column?
How many vertebrae (bones) are in the Cervical Vertebrae? (neck)
7 bones
How many vertebrae (bones) are in the Thoracic Cavity (upper back and chest)
12 bones
How many vertebrae (bones) are in the Lumbar ? (lower back)
5 bones
Easy way to remember how many bones are in vertebral column
What is the order of the vertebral Column
cervical 7
Thoracic 12
lumbar 5
sacral 5
coccyx 4
How many fused bones are in the Sacral
5 bones
How many fused bones are in the coccyx
4 bones
What are Intervertebral Disc?
Separated by pads of Fibrocartilage that cushion and absorb shock in the column
What is it called when the vertebral column has weakening of the ligaments and tendons? Happens in older people ruptured disc normally
Herniated disc
The thoracic and Sacral curvatures are to referred to as the curvatures ?
Primary because they present and well developed at birth
The Cervical curvature forms at blank time becuase it is when a baby holds it head up and etc?
Body (Centrum)
Rounded central portion of the vertebra, which faces anteriorly in the human column
Vertebral arch
Composed of pedicles laminar and spinous process, it represents the junction of all posterior extensions from the vertebral body
Vertebral (Spinal) Foramen
Opening enclosed by the body and vertebral arch; a passageway for the spin cord
Transverse processes
Two Lateral projections from the vertebral arch
Spinous Process
single medial and posterior projection from the vertebral arch
superior and inferior articular processes
Paired projections lateral to the vertebral foramen that enable articulation with adjacent vertebra
The superior articular processs typicaly face toward the spinous process (posterior) where as the inferior articular faces anterior away from the spinous process
Intervertebral Foramina
The right and left pedicles have notches on their inferior and us period surfaces that create opening the intervetebral foramina for spinal nerves to leave the spinal cored between the adjacent vertebrae
What is the Atlas? (in the cervical vertebrae)
The atlas is the c1 lacks a body and its lateral process contains large concave depresses on their superio surfaces that recipe occipital condyles of the skull
What is the Axis? (in cervical vertebrae)
This bones acts like a pivot for the oration of the atlas ( and the skull above)
What is the dens?
serves as a pivot point
what is odontiod process?
another for the dens
vertebral prominens
c7 is viewable throughout the skin you can actually feel it.
How is c7 different ?
The much larger spinous process on the vertebra prominens sets it apart from the others—and is the inspiration for its anatomical name.
How to differentiate the Cervical from others?
They have transverse foramen
What are the Thoracic Vertebrae referred to as ?
T1- t12
The body of the Thoracic has a ______ body then the cervical
Larger body then the cervical
what are the Costal Facets
gliding joints where ribs meet thoracic vertebrae
The thoracic vertebrae are unique because they have ____ ____ for articulation with the ribs.
Costal Facets
What are lumbar features?
They have massive block like bodies and short thick hatchet shape spin process
what is the Sacrum bones?
Bone formed from five vertebrae fused together near the base of the spinal column.
what is the median sacral crest
the fusion of the spinious processes
What are the Alae?
they are formed by the fusion of the transverse processes articulate laterally with the hip bones
What is the Sacral Foramina
four ridges cross the anterior part of the sacrum located at the either end of these ridges
What is the Sacral Canal
Continuation of the vertebral cavity
What is the Sacral Hiatus
inferior opening of the sacral canal (lost laminae)
What is the Sacral Promontory
s1 is an important anatomical landmark
What is the Coccyx
Tailbone, composed of 3-5 fuses vertebrae
What is the Thoracic Cage
Consists of the bony thorax which is composed of the sternum ribs and thoracic vertebra plus the costal cartilage
What is the Sternum?
A typical Flat bone is a result of the fusion of 3 bones the manubrium and xiphoid process. It is attached to the first 7 pairs of ribs
What is the Manubrium?
The , the superior part of the sternum. looks like a knot tie
What is the body of the thoracic cage?
forms most of the sternum
What is the Xiphoid process
posterior tip of the sternum
What is the Jugular Notch (Thoracic cage)
Depression on superior surface of manubrium
What is the Sternal Angle?
is a result of the manubrium and body meeting. It makes a line transvesly
What is the Xiphisternal Joint?
This is the point where the sternal body and xiphoid process fuse likes at the level of the 9nth thoracic vertebra
How many ribs are there?
There are 12 ribs
How many true ribs are there?
7 ribs
How many false ribs are there?
How many floating ribs are there?
The true ribs connect to the sternum by _____
Own costal Cartilage
The false ribs are false because of _____
They attach indirectly or not at all
What are baby skull bones connected by ?