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  1. quintet
  2. intervention
  3. craft
  4. craven
  5. immaculate
  1. a interference; interposition
  2. b spotless; without a stain; absolutely clean; unblemished
  3. c group of five
  4. d (adj.) cowardly; dastardly; pusillanimous; gutless
    (n.) coward; dastard
  5. e skill; art; trade

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  1. act of willing or choosing; will; choice
  2. sly; cunning
  3. one of the two things exactly alike; copy; reproduction
  4. agreement; understanding
  5. fond of fighting; warlike; combative

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  1. ruralhaving to do with the country (as distinguished from the city or town)


  2. conspicuousnoticeable; easily seen; prominent; striking


  3. reconcile(1) cause to be friends again; restore to friendship or harmony
    (2) settle; resolve


  4. fictitiousact of willing or choosing; will; choice


  5. currencysomething in circulation as a medium of exchange; money; coin; bank notes