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one/ jaat

two/ ji

three/ sam

four/ sei

five/ ng

six/ luk

seven/ tsaat

eight/ bat

nine/ gaau

ten/ saap

people/ jaan


father/ baba


mother/ mama


older brother/ go go


older sister/ dze dze


older sister/ ezi ezi


little brother/ daai daai


little sister/ mui mui

mouth/ haau

hand/ saau

head/ taau

eye/ ngan

ear/ ji

nose/ bei

body/ saan

foot/ goek

have/has/ jaau

big/ dai

small/ siu

tall/ gou

short/ aai

many/ do

few/ siu

long/ tsoeng

short/ dyn

new/ saan

old/ gaau

cow/ ngaau

sheep/ joeng

pig/ dzy

fish/ jy

dog/ gaau

duck/ ap

cat/ mau

chicken/ gaai

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