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  1. argumentative essay
  2. editorial
  3. apostrophe
  4. character foil
  5. cliche
  1. a essay that takes a stand on an issue- makes an argument- and uses logic and evidence to convince readers
  2. b address to an absent or imaginary person
  3. c an article giving opinions or perspectives
  4. d a worn-out idea or overused expression
  5. e a character who represents a sharp contrast with the protagonist and thus serves to stress and highlight the protagonists distinctive temperament

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  1. a simple narrative poem of folk origin, composed in short stanzas and adapted for singing.
  2. language that is "old fashioned" in vocabulary and structure
  3. Occurs when another character(s) and/or the audience know more than one or more characters on stage about what is happening; This occurs when the audience or reader knows more than the characters know.
  4. a line spoken by an actor to the audience but not intended for others on the stage
  5. a harsh and disagreeable combination, especially of sounds

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  1. chronological orderthe order in which events happen in time


  2. dramatic monologuea poetic form in which a single character, addressing a silent auditor at a critical moment, reveals himself or herself and the dramatic situation


  3. caricaturea representation of a person that is exaggerated for comic effect


  4. extended metaphorThe comparison between two things is continued beyond the first point of comparison. This extends and deepens a description.


  5. climactic orderthe order in which items are arranged in sequence according to their importance, with the most important one last