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Denver Developmental Screening Test II: Critical Milestones 2 months to 5 years

2 months (personal/social)
Smiles responsively; looks at faces
2 months (fine motor)
Follows to midline
2 months (language/cognitive)
Vocalizes making cooing or short vowel sounds; responds to a bell
2 months (gross motor)
Lifts head; equal movements
4 months (personal/social)
Smiles responsively; smiles spontaneously; stares at
own hand
4 months (fine motor)
Grasps a rattle; follows past midline; brings hands to middle of body
4 months (language/cognitive)
Laughs and squeals out loud; vocalizes; makes "ooh" sounds
4 months (gross motor)
Lifts head and chest 45 and 90 degrees when prone; head steady when sitting
6 months (personal/social)
Reaches for toy out of reach; looks at hand; smiles spontaneously
6 months (fine motor)
Looks at raisin placed on contrasting surface; reaches out; follows completely side to side
6 months (language/cognitive)
Turns to rattle sound made out of vision on each side; squeals; laughs
6 months (gross motor)
Rolls over both directions; no head lag; lifts head and chest completely
9 months (personal/social)
Feeds self finger foods; tries to get toys; looks at hands
9 months (fine motor)
Transfers; rakes a raisin or Cheerio; picks up and holds a small object in each hand
9 months (language/cognitive)
Imitates sounds; says single syllables; begins to put syllables together
9 months (gross motor)
No head lag; sits without support; stands holding onto furniture
12 months (personal/social)
Plays pat-a-cake; feeds self; works to get a toy
12 months (fine motor)
Developed pincer grasp; bangs objects together; picks up two cubes
12 months (language/cognitive)
Jabbers; combines syllables; mama/dada is nonspecific
12 months (gross motor)
Stands briefly without support; gets to sitting position; pulls to stand
15 - 18 months (personal/social)
Begins to imitate; helps in the house; feeds self with increasing skill (still rotates the spoon, if used) and holds a cup
15 - 18 months (fine motor)
Builds a tower with increasing number of blocks; scribbles; able to put a block in a cup
15 - 18 months (language/cognitive)
Says 3 to 10 single words; can point to several body parts
15 - 18 months (gross motor)
Walks well forward and backward; stoops and recovers
3 years (personal/social)
Brushes teeth with help, puts on clothing, feeds a doll
3 years (fine motor)
Builds a tower of at least four to six cubes
3 years (language/cognitive)
Points to and names four familiar pictures (cat, horse, bird, dog, man); speech understandable 50% of the time
3 years (gross motor)
Throws a ball overhand; jumps; kicks a ball forward
4 - 5 years (personal/social)
Puts on a T-shirt; washes and dries hands; names a friend
4 - 5 years (fine motor)
Imitates a vertical line; wiggles thumbs; builds a tower of
eight cubes
4 - 5 years (language/cognitive)
Knows two adjectives (e.g., tired, hungry, cold); identifies one color; knows the use of two objects (e.g., cup, chair, pencil)
4 - 5 years (gross motor)
Balances on each foot for 1 second; jumps forward; throws a ball overhand