CAOT 186 Chapter 7 Theory

10 terms by wnbishop

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True or False
ICD-10-CM codes are alphanumeric.


True or False
ICD-10-CM is indexed in a similar manner to ICD-9-CM.


True or False
Like ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM contains 17 chapters.


True or False
The American Medical Association is responsible for the development of ICD-10-CM.


True or False
In ICD-10-PCS, if a character is not applicable, the letter X is used.


True or False
When implemented, the United States will be the first nation to use ICD-10.


True or False
The term "fusion" means the freeing of a body part.


An example of a procedure that involves inspection is:
a. gastrojejunal bypass
b. control of postprocedural bleeding
c. diagnostic arthroscopy
d. incision and drainage of abscess

c. diagnostic arthroscopy

Altering the route of passage of the contents of a tubular body part is a:
a. resection
b. bypass
c. revision
d. drainage

b. bypass

ICD-19 was issued in 1993 by:
a. CMS
c. AHA
d. WHO

d. WHO

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