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no acostumbrarse a

not to get over

no hay que darle vueltas

there's no getting around it

la cosa es clara

there's no getting away from it


to get ahead

irlo pasando

to get along

defenderse bien

to get along well

llevarse bien

to get along with

pasarse sin

to get along without


to get away

no ser castigado

to get away with


to get back

pagar en la misma moneda

to get back at; to get even

ir tirando

to get by

escapársele a uno

to get by one

salirle barato

to get cheaply

ponerse en marcha

to get going

entregarse a

to get involved in

caer en la cuenta

to get it

bajar de; salir de; apearse de

to get off


to get on

restablecerse (curarse) de

to get over


to get ready


to get there


to get through


to get through


to get to (able to do smthg)


to get together


to get up

recibir lo merecido

to get what's coming to one

¿Qué mosca le ha picado?

What's gotten into him?

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