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The process of - determines a substance's physical or chemical identity with as near absolute certainty as existing analytical techniques will permit
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true or false: the distinction between individual and class evidence is always easy to makefalsemodern analytical techniques have become so sensitive that the forensic examiner must be aware of the - among materials when interpreting the significance of comparative data.natural variationTrue or false: a fingerprint can be positively identified through the IAFIS databasefalseA database applicable to DNA profiling isCODISAlthough databases are consistently updated so that scientist can assign probabilities to class evidence, for the most part forensic scientist supposed to rely on ______ when interpreting the significance of class physical evidence.personal experienceThe believability of _____ accounts, confessions, and informant testimony can all be disputed, maligned, and subjected to severe attack and skepticism in the quart room.EyewitnessTrue or false: given the potential weight of scientific evidence in a trial setting, failure to take proper safeguards me unfairly prejudice a case against the suspect.TrueStudents studying forensic science must be cautioned that merely reading relevant textbooks and journals is no substitute for ______ in this most practical of sciences.ExperienceTrue or false: both spores and pollen can be identified and used to link a crime scene to an individualTrueTrue or false: spores can be characterized by shape and surface characteristics through a simple visual examination.False