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Chapter 2/pharmacology

Drug Classes and Schedules
ability of a drug to reach the bloodstream and target tissues
Chemical name
Strict chemical nomenclature used for naming drugs established by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)
Combination drug
drug product with more than one active generic ingredient
Controlled substance
In the United States, a drug whose use is restricted by the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act; in Canada, a drug subject to guidelines outlined in the Canadian Narcotic Control Act
Strong physiological or psychological need for a substance
Generic name
Nonproprietary name of a drug assigned by the government
Mechanism of action
The way in which a drug exerts its effects
Pharmacologic classification
method for organizing drugs on the basis of their mechanism of action
Prototype drug
well understood model drug with which other drugs in a pharmacologic class may be compared
Scheduled drugs
in the U.S., a term describing a drug placed into one of five categories based on its potential for misuse or abuse
Therapeutic classification
method for organizing drugs on the basis of their clinical usefulness
Trade name
proprietary name of a drug assigned by the manufacturer; also called the brand name or product name
physical signs of discomfort associated with the discontinuation of an abused substance
In order to understand a drug's mechanism of action, you would check the?
the pharmacological classification
What is the law concerning refills for Schedule II drugs?
patient must seen by a health provider each time
What is a Schedule G drug?
a controlled substance
Which scheduled drug has the highest risk for abuse and dependence?
Schedule I drugs
The nurse can predict the actions and adverse effects of other drugs int he same pharmacologic class by understanding which of the following?
prototype drug
How are drugs classified?
potential for abuse and addiction
What is the difference between therapeutic and pharmacologic classifications?
therapeutic classification- method of organizing drugs based on their therapeutic usefulness in treating a particular disease, pharmacologic classification- refers to how an agent works at the molecular, tissue and body system levels
Is beta-adrenergic blocker therapeutic or pharmacologic?
Is oral contraceptive therapeutic or pharmacologic?
Is a laxative therapeutic or pharmacologic?
Is a folic acid antagonist therapeutic or pharmacologic?
is an antianginal agent therapeutic or pharmacologic?
What is a prototype drug, how does it differ from other drugs in the same class?
prototype drugs exhibit typical or essential features of the drugs within a specific class
What is the advantage of generic drugs?
cost savings, only one name is assigned for the drug (less complicated and easier to remember)
What is the disadvantage of generic drugs?
formularies may be different, the inert ingredients may be somewhat different and may affect the ability of the drug to reach the target cells and produce an effect.
With _____ classifications, drugs are organized on the basis of their usefulness in treating a particular disorder.
Drugs organized by _______ classifications are categorized based on how they produce their effect in the body.
A _____ drug is the original, well-understood drug model from which other drugs in a particular class have been developed.
Three types of drug names are?
chemical, generic and trade
The description give to a drug by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is its _______ name.
Drugs with more than one active ingredient?
combination drugs
One of the main arguments against substituting generic drugs for brand name drugs is differences in?
calcium channel blocker
example of pharmacologic classification
therapeutic classification
active ingredient
generic name
trade name
brand name
What is the key to the therapeutic classification of a drug?
link the disorder to the drug's clinical usefulness
A drug's trade name is assigned by whom?
developing pharmaceutical company
Why would a drug be placed on the negative drug formulary list?
generic drug bioavailability is different from the brand name and affects patient outcomes
Why is a drug classified as a scheduled drug?
the drug can cause dependency
What classification has the highest potential for abuse?
Schedule I
What classification has the sole purpose of use a research agent?
Schedule I
In the U.S. which low restricts the use of controllled substances?
Controlled Substance Act
In Canada, what drug is not restricted?