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Differentiate between animal and plant cells

explains the difference between plant and animal cells, and stuctures.
Plant Cells shape?
Animal Cells shape?
True or False? Plant cells contain the same organelles as animal cells.
What do plant cells also have different than animal cells?
Cell wall, central vacuole, and chloroplast.
whats the job of a cell wall?
Helps support and prtect cells.
whats the job of a central vacuole?
Stores food, water, and chemicals 30% or more of the cells volume.
Whats the job of a chloroplast?
Capture light energy & combine carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air with water 2 make food.
What is found in a plant cell, but not in a animal cell?
A cytoplasm.
Where in the plant cell does photosynthesis occur?
Plants make food through a process called...
What is respiration?
A process that converts the stored energy in food 2 usable energy.