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Practice with SER - Negative sentences - 2 (01610)

In this set you will keep practicing building negative sentences using the verb SER. http://www.enne.net

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(talking to women) You (informal) are not very modest.
(Vosotras) no sois muy modestas.
(talking to women) You (formal) are teachers, but you are not hardworking.
(Ustedes) son profesoras, pero (ustedes) no son trabajadoras.
(talking to men) You (formal) are drivers, but you are not very patient.
(Ustedes) son conductores, pero (ustedes) no son muy pacientes.
Antonio and Jaime are not friends. They are brothers.
Antonio y Jaime no son amigos. (Ellos) son hermanos.
Lisa and Rita are not students. They are nurses.
Lisa y Rita no son estudiantes. (Ellas) son enfermeras.
The math lessons are not very difficult.
Las lecciones de matemáticas no son muy difíciles.
There are 5 hotels in the city. They are not cheap.
Hay cinco hoteles en la ciudad. No son baratos.
There are 6 bottles of milk in the kitchen. They are not expensive.
Hay seis botellas de leche en la cocina. No son caras.
She is a cook in a French restaurant. She is not a bad cook.
(Ella) es una cocinera en un restaurante francés. (Ella) no es una cocinera mala.
The young (female) writer is not Australian. She is Portuguese.
La escritora joven no es australiana. (Ella) es portuguesa.