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  1. John Locke
  2. Beccaria
  3. Francis Bacon
  4. Danton
  5. Bouckman
  1. a Humanist, wrote "on crimes and punishments"
  2. b Made Inductive method
  3. c Enlightenment thinker, wrote: "Essay Concerning Human Understanding"
  4. d Big mouth
  5. e Slave killed in battle

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  1. Virtue the same for men and women
  2. Invaded england to preserve protastantism, take throne
  3. Planets revolve around sun
  4. Enlightenmet thinker, wrote "Philosophical Letters"
  5. French Aristocrat, wrote "The Spirit of the Laws

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  1. VersaillesEnlightenmet thinker, wrote "Philosophical Letters"


  2. Mary WollstonecraftDisagrees with Rousseau wrote, "A vindication of the rights of woman"


  3. RousseauSlave killed in battle


  4. CopernicusDeclares that Earth Moves


  5. Charles IIAbsolutist, Charles' brother tolerated only catholic