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  1. Charles II
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Rousseau
  4. Bouckman
  5. Glorious Revolution
  1. a Bloodless, James flees, Will+Mary take throne Act of Toleration + Act of Succession
  2. b Slave killed in battle
  3. c Attacked privilege, wrote "The Social Contract"
  4. d Power of human reason, need to check authority
  5. e English Absolutist, tolerated diff religions

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  1. Religious + political liberties of Brittish
  2. How do structures + institutions shape laws? What Spirit characterized different forms of government?
  3. Humanist, wrote "on crimes and punishments"
  4. French Aristocrat, wrote "The Spirit of the Laws
  5. Steps up to lead Haitian revolution

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  1. Mary WollstonecraftDisagrees with Rousseau wrote, "A vindication of the rights of woman"


  2. VoltaireFrench Pallace


  3. HeliocentricHumanist, wrote "on crimes and punishments"


  4. MaratBig mouth


  5. GalileoBig mouth