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Practice with SER - Negative sentences - 3 (01620)

Another unit to practice with the Spanish verb SER. You will have to build negative sentences using the different forms of the verb SER corresponding to the different personal pronouns. http://www.enne.net

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Ángela is not a doctor. She is a nurse.
Ángela no es una doctora. (Ella) es una enfermera.
Ana's sister is not a principal. She is a teacher.
La hermana de Ana no es una directora. (Ella) es una profesora.
Fernando's father is not a very serious cook.
El padre de Fernando no es un cocinero muy serio.
The photographs of your friends are not very interesting.
Las fotografías de tus amigos no son muy interesantes.
A dictionary is not important in a geography class.
Un diccionario no es importante en una clase de geografía.
Olga's mother is not American. She is Canadian.
La madre de Olga no es americana. (Ella) es canadiense.
Antonio's sister is not a very patient doctor.
La hermana de Antonio no es una doctora muy paciente.
Joana is not Spanish. She is a very famous Portuguese writer.
Joana no es española. (Ella) es una escritora portuguesa muy famosa.
The house is not very small. There are three bedrooms and a kitchen.
La casa no es muy pequeña. Hay tres dormitorios y una cocina.
The problems of the American students are not new.
Los problemas de los estudiantes americanos no son nuevos.