Phenol Red Broth, Oxidation-Fermentation Test, and Urease test

What is in the the three different broths?
Glucose, sucrose, and lactose
What is the objective of the phenol red test?
To see which organism can utilize each sugar.
What color is the acid by-product at a pH of 6.8 and indicates what?
Yellow and indicates that it can utilize the carb.
When the organism is unable to utilize the carb, but can use the peptine, what color change and by-product are found?
Fuchsia and an air bubble that is trapped inside the Durham tube.
What is the objective of the oxidation-fermentation test?
Whether the organism attacks the sugars by fermentation or oxidation,
What are the broths made up of in the O-F test and what prevents the oxygen from entering the medium?
Glucose and mineral oil
Urease is what kind of medium?
What is the objective of the urease test?
To test the ability of the organism to produce urease that hydrolyzes urea to ammonia and CO2.
What happens when the Urea in the broth turns pink?
It has been degraded and ammonia is produced.
What does enteric mean?
rod-shaped gram (-) bacteria