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house, cottage, hut

bona casa casae f (3)

cause, reason, situation

bona causa causae f (3)

for the sake of, on account of

gen causâ abl (2)


bona fenestra fenestrae f

end, limit, boundary, purpose

bonus fînis fînis m (4)

boundaries, territories, land

bonî fînês fînium (3)

clan, race, nation, people

bona gêns gentis f (4)

world, universe

bonus mundus mundî m (2)

ship, boat

bona nâvis nâvis f (2)

health, safety, greeting

bona salûs salûtis f (3)


bona Trôia Trôiae f

neighbor (m)

bonus vîcînus vîcînî m

neighbor (f)

bona vîcîna vîcînae f

the common people, mob, rabble

bonum vulgus vulgî n (3)

rough, harsh

asper asper- (2)

and, and also, and even

atque, ac (3)

again, a second time

iterum (2)

to hold together, to contain, to keep, to enclose, to restrain

contineô continêre continuî contentum (5)

to bid, to order, to command

iubeô iubêre iussî iussum (3)

to labor, to be in distress

labôrô labôrâre labôrâvî labôrâtum (2)

to seize, to snatch, to carry away

rapiô rapere rapuî raptum (3)

to leave behind, to leave, to abandon, to desert

relinquô relinquere relîquî relictum (4)

to know

sciô scîre scîvî scîtum

to touch

tangô tangere tetigî tâctum

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